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31st October 2011 Outfits


Bag – Roxanne, Mulberry
Shoes – Topshop
Jumper Dress – Primark
Bow – DIY
Hat Pin – Charity Shop
Shirt – American Apparel
Hat – Charity Shop

So I went charity shop rummaging today and got a few pretty little pieces, but for this post I’ve only featured the incredible little boater hat that I picked up for £1.50 which I think compliments the outfit perfectly. My dad used to wear a hat just like this to his boarding school when he was young so when I saw it I nearly cried with the nostalgic factor. I also pinned the little hat pin that I got for 50p because it seemed like I’d already set the theme for this outfit.
I also love this jumper more than words can express right now, I grabbed the last one and ran to the fitting room only to realise it was a size 14, so I imagine its not supposed to be worn as a dress but it doesn’t hang strange under the arms so I was completely sold seeing as it cost £9!

I ended up going to see my friend Bruno and his brother perform at The Shisha Garden in Northampton on last night (on my lonesome) because I’m a bad friend and never visit him in London where he now lives (I know he’s going to love reading this) and I’ve also never seen him perform before.
I always knew he played Guitar and his brother Dot played drums, what I didn’t know is THOSE BOYS CAN SING, I was genuinely blown away by both of them. They mainly played covers which is all well and good but I’m someone who likes to know that a performer can write their own songs as well as bust a tune out so when they through in a handful of their own songs I was left lost for words and asking myself Ed who?
The soulful tone of their voices teamed with the open air and completely chilled vibe of the bar made it one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had in Northampton in a long time. They are going to be performing again on the 13th of November and I’m going even if its on my own again. I’m actually planning my outfit already Ha-ha!!
If you want to have a listen to some of their stuff before you head down click HERE


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