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26th December 2011 Outfits

Pretty Pink Christmas

Hat – Dunnes
Jumper – Primark
Necklace – Topman (£1 in sale)
Dress – Primark
Silver Cuff – H&M
Bag – “Alexander Wang Diego Bag” Select £15
Shoes – Melody Direct 

Tell me its not over yet?
I’m so sad that Christmas has finished already, it really is the most magical time of year. Sometimes when I walk through town at this time of year, with my big fur coat on it makes me feel like I’m walking on the set of one of those Rom-Com movies, rushing off to meet the guy that might get away? I know I’m such a geek. Plus I know exactly where my guy is, and I’m off to see him in 4 days…I cannot wait, long distance relationships are HARD!

This outfit is what I wore to Christmas dinner at the Byewater residence (my brothers girlfriends family) it was such an amazing day even if I did end up nursing my hangover until midday and missing the walk and mulled wine by the river, Soz about that ha-ha! But Mumma Byewater cooked the yummiest dinner with my mum providing the canapes and desert…I don’t think I’ll be able to eat for the next week.

Now I MUST draw your attention to my bag, it is practically IDENTICAL to the Alexander Wang Diego bag so when I saw it in Select I nearly had a heart attack as the prices was merely £15!!! Ok so it does smell a tad funny, hence why I rarely buy bags that aren’t leather but I couldn’t resist. I know I will get so much use out of this if not now but over the summer in Ibiza (Yes I know I’m off there again for year number 5).

These shoes I picked up on Christmas Eve from Melody in Northampton, I liked them because the silver zip gave them a “Topshop Ambush” kinda feel, but with a platform and killer heel, I love a casual shoe with a dressy heel.

The Jumper was just too pretty not to buy, I think sometimes Primark just miss the right colour shade when making some of their items, resulting in them looking…”Primarky” but this one is a total exception, the colour is so striking and eye catching, no one would ever know, such a shame I gotta tell you lot haha!

The necklace was the item that made my day though, I do love a bit of Topman jewellery but I hate the price tag of things in there because they always seem to tarnish so easily but when I finally took it to the counter, REDUCED from £8.50 to ONE MEASLY POUND!! I could have kissed the girl behind the counter, I don’t think she knows how close she came.

Did you all have a fantastic Christmas day? Any pretty pressies to make me jealous? You wait until you see my shoes that my brothers girlfriend did for me, you are gonna die. But to see some examples click HERE

Bring on New Years!!

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