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8th March 2018 Beauty


Lydia Millen_Elizabeth Arden_Lydia March Beauty Content5247 Lydia Millen_Elizabeth Arden_Lydia March Beauty Content5217   Fashion and Beauty is powerful. Every day, women gain their independence via these industries, they carve successful careers through pioneering brands and innovating products, whilst millions of pounds are raised to help women and girls around the world through the sales of these collections and products. Huge cultural shifts in our society has seen the fashion and beauty industry become a driving force in empowering women, whether you slay your make up every morning before the 7am commute or a good lip balm is all you need to take on the the world and I am so proud to have worked on some of the pioneering campaigns within this movement. So, today, in honour of International Women's Day I'm talking you through some of my Power Make-up and how you can help and support other women across the world. I've often talked about the way a pair of amazing shoes can make you walk taller or how a perfectly cut blazer can make you feel as though you can conquer the world but what about the beauty products we use on a daily basis? I'm currently on a bit of a transition with beauty, I've reaching a personal stage in my life where I don't want to be spending hours in front of the mirror in the morning, I want to look and feel my best without the faff so that time can be better spent else where. This is where I reach for my Power Beauty Bag.   IMG_9879 GIORGIO ARMANI Power Fabric Foundation A tailor made base Famed for their foundation wardrobe, Giorgio Armani released Power Fabric in January 2017, their weightless, 16 hour wear full coverage foundation. I made a trip to Paris to try it before the launch and it instantly became a firm favourite in my own foundation wardrobe. This is the foundation I turn to when my schedule is jam packed and I don't have time to worry about whether my make up is staying put, I need to know it's staying put. As a full coverage foundation, it gives me the ability to tailor the coverage to suit my needs by mixing it with my ByTerry CC serum I'm able to reap the benefits of its long wearing matte finish whilst adding a subtle glow and allowing my good skin days to shine through. My favourite way to wear this foundation is 1 pump of Power Fabric to 2 pumps of ByTerry CC Serum and then a light concealer for any stubborn skin imperfections. This is my Power Make-up base.   ELIZABETH ARDEN #MarchOn Lipstick  The Only Lipstick You Need Believe it or not, given my nude lipstick loving ways, I keep a red lipstick at the bottom of most of my handbags. The reason being, if I manage to somehow forget or lose my entire make-up bag that one red lipstick has the power to elevate my make up all on its own. Worn with a full face or nothing at all (as the French have taught us so well) red lipstick is always a good idea. But this particular lipstick does more than save you from a make-up bag nightmare. This lipstick is changing women's lives the world over and was the inspiration behind this entire editorial. In 1912 Elizabeth Arden herself marched down 5th Avenue in solidarity with the sufferagettes whilst handing out red lipsticks. Today we can carry on that march with 100% of the proceeds and a $1million donation going to UN Women, the Global Champion in gender equality who are working tirelessly to to remove the social and cultural barriers that hinder women and girls from achieving their potentials. I feel like this is one of those occasions when you appreciate how it truly is so much more than just a lipstick. Lydia Millen_Elizabeth Arden_Lydia March Beauty Content5267 Lydia Millen_Elizabeth Arden_Lydia March Beauty Content5237 POWER BY TERRY Lash Expert Twist Brush Desert Island Beauty Essential The BY TERRY Lash Expert mascara is another product that is enough all by itself, instantly lengthening lashes and with a twist of the brush, giving intense volume at the same time whilst being the longest wearing non waterproof mascara I've ever used. As I wear foundation less and less the ByTerry CC Serum and Lash Expert Twist Brush mascara have become my go to, with a little Lano Rubarb Lip tint and some Glossier Boy Brow I feel fresh and ready for the day in lightening speed.   It goes without saying that today is a celebration of powerful and inspirational women and I would like to take this opportunity myself to share some of the women who have shaped who I am, impacted my life and inspired me in my own journey. My Mothers; from Grandmothers' right through to mother-in-laws, over the years these women have inspired and shaped who I am in the most unimaginable ways. Their resilience and strength through life has taught me what it is to be a Powerful woman today. My Friends who have taught me that being powerful also means being vulnerable and teaching me that with an empowered group of women beside you, you can pretty much achieve anything. My Fellow creators. All. Of. You. (especially you, Ruth Crilly, You are a machine!) You are sharing lessons, inspiration and good vibes across the internet, which can sometimes be a rather negative space. Keep doing that, louder and prouder. And you, of course you! I have been over whelmed with the messages, tags and comments of support today, I haven't been able to keep up. Sometimes it may seem that they fall on deaf ears but I promise you, they don't. Thank you for being empowered women who empower women.    

Photography by KYLE GALVIN







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