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27th February 2012 Outfits

Powder Beige

Dress – 2ND DAY by Day Birger et Mikklesen C/O Boozt    Bag – Mulberry Bayswater C/O Victoria    Shoes – Melody    Cuffs (worn as Ankle Cuffs) – H&M    Necklace & Rings – H&M    Coat – Vintage Faux Fur

There’s so much nude going on in this post I feel NEKED!
I really couldn’t believe my luck when the ever so helpful Rob from contacted me asking me to pick something from their website to review, as the first brand I looked at was the sister brand of Day Birger et Mikklesen, 2nd Day. It had a sort of luxe All Saints feel to it which I really fell for as sometimes I feel too much All Saints can cause you to actually end up looking like your homeless, I mean not that that’s a bad thing, some people like that kinda thing no? Shall I stop diggin’ now? Aaaanywhooo…
The dress is 100% silk which felt absolutely incredible against my skin, but also filled me with dread as I know what I’m like and it certainly isn’t careful. However I did wear this on my Journey back to the Shire and it survived so maybe I should cut myself some slack.
I really have a lot of love for sister brands as they bring our favourite elements of our favourite brands, to (just about) within the reaches of us “highstreeters” and I really think Boozt should think about following that idea a bit more as I saw a lot of jersey basics which astounded me a little as this incredible brand was plonked alongside it all.
But I really do owe Rob a massive kiss and a cuddle for introducing me to this dress (and 2nd Day) as not only is it undoubtedly beautiful, but so elegantly made. Oh and it looks like they’ve just had a new drop so check it out HERE I mean JUST LOOK AT THE JEWELLERY!

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