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1st April 2021 Life & Style Diaries


Pinch Punch first of the month and all that!

It’s taken a couple of days to adjust work wise to the changes and also the fact that our internet went down over the weekend so I’m current working by tethering from my phone. I don’t want to even look at my data bill right now. But so far, its been a week of productivity so despite the challenges, which are very minor in the grand scheme of things, I’m podding along.

I had a new delivery of pieces I had been eagerly awaiting earlier this week as so any online stores have had to close their shops, due to the current efficiency in Germany, MyTheresa is still functioning. Obviously thats all subject to change at this stage but I placed my order and it arrived the next day. This season is looking like the season of Isabel Marant Etoile and I ended up purchasing four pieces from the collection, despite me having issues last year with a number of items the brand still creates, season on season, one of my favourite collections featuring bohemian grunge influencers along side the most feminine of details. This two piece did not disappoint, perfect for prancing around the house with no where to go!

What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy this last week? Are you shopping online still? I find its giving me things to look forward to and getting me excited to get up and get dresssed every day!

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