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5th May 2014 Outfits


Skirt – c/o Pretty Little Thing Blouse – Ebay Bag – Louis Vuitton Shoes – H and M Sunnies – Topshop

It seems like an age since I last shot an outfit post but organising a house is a lot more time consuming that I predicted, I mean…we both lived quite happily out of a bedroom each before so why now is it so hard to find homes for all our stuff when we have a whole house?

I’ve been slowly collecting boxes of clothes from my parents and reintroducing them to the rotation again, it’s a long winded process even when you’ve decided there’s more need for a dressing room over a bed for visiting family and friends. But with every opened box comes more and more excitement to not only shoot the forgotten goodies inside, but take them on the trip to the great surroundings of our new home.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of blogging following the big move and I do appreciate your patience…My eyes are closing as I write this and I’m not entirely clear on what I’ve typed so I’m going to kiss goodbye to another exceptional Bank Holiday and snuggle in some freshly washed sheets. It’s the little things.

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