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22th October 2021
My obsession has run deep over the years.

You know that item in your wardrobe. The one that your partner always tells you that you have too many of. The item you are drawn to in the aisles of your favourite retailer. The item that makes your heart flutter as you rush towards it. Something tells me you (sheepishly) know exactly what I’m talking about, you little fashionista. So what’s your thing? I think a lot of people would say that jumpers are the category of garment that they have the most of in their wardrobe. Piles of jumpers stacked on top of one another that resemble a chic Leaning Tower of Pisa. Every wardrobe open is a risk of the pile creating a tsunami of wool and cashmere all over your bedroom floor.

Or perhaps footwear is your thing. I also think that there is a special kind of woman who owns hundreds of shoes and has no qualms about being a complete shoe addict (nor should she!). And doesn’t that particular item speak volumes about the person? Jumpers make me feel that the person values comfort and elegance. Shoes perhaps represent glamour and style. For me, I’m none of the above. My obsession has run deep over the years. While you may think that it is handbags (hands up, I’m addicted to this too), I have a lifelong love affair with outerwear – namely, coats.

My Journey With Coats

Now could I have chosen an item that has a less expensive price-tag? Probably. It’s not easy being drawn to coats because you’re looking at a sizeable investment every season. But you know what, I can always justify the purchase. As much as I love the odd trendy item, coats will always be needed and make a terrific first impression. Now I urge you to learn from this piece, as buying the wrong coat will only make you frustrated and put-out by the investment. I have carefully created a list of coats that you may need this winter, and I think you might too.

Faux Fur Coat

Someone call Doctor Zhivago! In all seriousness though, what could be more elegant in the winter than a faux-fur coat? There is someone that says ‘old Hollywood’ whenever I put mine on. I really feel like it transforms me, and I begin to play a Grace Kelly-esque character. Isn’t it funny how fashion can make us feel so transported?

Work Appropriate Coat

Now the good practical girl in me says that this is a must. To be honest, I think that this is really worth the investment because it will follow you throughout your lifetime. I’ve worn some of my work coats for years, they have completely stood the test of time. You want something that is sleek, clean and says “I Can Do This”. I always opt for a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily, and choose a colour that goes with a lot, like black, grey, taupe, beige, or cream.

Dressy Coat

This is the coat that you save for special occasions – is there an art gallery that you are going to? Perhaps a winter wedding? This is a piece that you really want to invest in as it will be as important as the dress you’re wearing underneath it. It is the first thing people will see when they meet you at this dressy event, so make it count.

Out-Out Coat

Remember those days of running around in the winter weather? Hopping from nightclub, to bar, to house-party in heels, a small dress and a leather jacket when it was 5 degrees? Well I certainly do, and I say ‘no more!’ An out-out coat, depending where you live, needs to take into consideration that the weather significantly gets colder in the evening. And maybe you want someone longer to protect those little legs, which happens to give the most elegant look ever.

Cozy Coat

Oh those delicious moments in the winter! The first snowfall, the first day where you’re seeing the frost on the last remaining leaves of autumn… I truly can’t wait for winter to fully set in, in this respect. Dark skies and rain? Not so much, but I digress! A cozy coat will be your best friend if you want to feel supported in the winter, and not fear the colder weather. You might even look forward to it with this coat!

Practical Coat

The one for the grocery run. The one you wear over to your mum’s house for Sunday Roast. The one that you wear almost every single day because it just works. This practical coat is your best friend. She doesn’t judge you. She just supports in any way she can. Whatever the climate you live, you will need a practical coat in your life.

Dog Walk Coat

Let’s face it. Some days we are elated to get out the door and spend some quality time with our furry little boy (or girl!). Other days (namely when it’s pouring out or I’ve had one too many Whispering Angels), I just want to have a lie-in in peace. I think you all feel me, fur-baby mamas out there! So let’s make the dog-walking experience easier, shall we? I love having a water-resistant coat that is breathable for dog-walking. I’m often walking at a brisk pace, so something breathable is really appreciated too.

What item of clothing are you the most obsessed with? I’m actually so curious to know! Are you in the same coat-boat as me, or is another item constantly on your mind?

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