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3rd December 2011 Outfits

No Pain, No Gain Baby!




Shoes – Office (Via eBay)
Jumper – Primark
Gilet – Klassy Klobber Vintage Shop
Leather Jacket – Topshop
Necklace – Miss Selfridge
Bag – Bayswater, Mulberry


I must apologise for my depressing facebook updates, tweets and blog posts. It was really difficult seeing my skin look so bad and hurting so much after I had pinned so much hope on this changing my life. But its all over now, I mean I look like a pre-pubescent teen with the amount of spots I now have from caking on de-sensitizing creams but its not as sore and looks to be clearing up, hence me having the will power to put some slap on and outfit my little combo for today!
I know everyone in there right mind is loving all the deep Cranberry and Oxblood so I’m not going to sit here and write my reasoning behind that, other than its “so right now!” ha-ha.
These are taken on my new Camera which I’m pretty disappointed with really, I didn’t realise it didn’t come with rechargeable batteries only normal stupid disposable AA’s I mean come on now, who would EVER wan’t a camera like that. So I’m taking it back and gonna pay a wee bit extra for one without this awful trait. Ugh, I so just wan’t to buy the Nikon D3000 that’s on sale at Argos and make it my Christmas present for being such a good girl and missing pretty much all my lectures this week, I mean that takes effort and should be rewarded accordingly, No?
Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind a little bit from having 5 days stuck in my room, I need sunlight, I need fresh air, I need…..WINE!!! But alas, I’m definitely going into work tomorrow which means no partying tonight (I’m a serious Alco-woofta) as I’d just be no use and then no going out Sunday either because I have a stupid exam the next day so its looking like maybe Monday is the earliest opportunity…..this deeply depresses me!

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