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22nd January 2012 Outfits

Natural High

Dress – H&M
Bag – Select
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell 
Ear Cuff – Miss Selfridge
Pendant – Miss Selfridge
Rings – H&M and Topman

I can safely say I never envisioned a day when I would cave to the hype that surrounds Jeffrey Campbell shoes, especially the infamous Lita boots but the moment the light reflected off those spikes my heart of stone melted. 
But however much these shoes have become the apple of my eye, they have and continue to be the bane of my existence (My apologise go out to my followers on Twitter  who have had to none stop accept my rantings about them…Oh and while we’re in these brackets a big thank you to Kym who has provided me with a much needed ear to chew off in the process) I decided to order these weapons of mass destruction whilst I was away in Verbier, so that they would be waiting for me on my return…you don’t get a much better welcome home than that I’d say. So I logged onto Nasty Gal placed my order for super speedy quick ting delivery within 5-7 days but four days into my incessant tracking I realised the boots were not moving from LA…6 days….7 days….8 days…Panic! So when I arrived home still no boots waiting to give me a a hug on when I touched down (boots? mum? I think I may have blurred that line slightly) So after a number of e-mails and phone calls, NastyGal refunded the shipping costs and finally about 8 days later the shoes landed in the UK then 3 more days, a payment of £39 customs charges and a train ride back to the Shire to pick them up, they were FINALLY placed upon my eagerly awaiting tooties. Hoo-F***ing-Rah!
I decided to test for myself how comfortable these shoes really were after Penelope  telling me her 80yr old Grandma gave them a whirl on her feet, so off I went for a spot of shopping and a train ride back to Uni…3 hours? maybe 4 at the most and not a twinge did I feel, arrived back at the diggs took them off and nearly threw up FOUR beautiful, shiney, sharp as f*** spikes GONE!
You are provided with replacement spikes but these boots were well and truely faulty, whoever or whatever fixed those spikes in completely SMUSHED the metal back piece so more e-mails and maybe a few tears (girls and shoes, no man will ever understand the bond we have) NastyGal are sending me a brand new pair (as a gift so no more ruddy customs charges). Hopefully I can time it right so that I don’t have to send the boots back before the new ones arrive because I really cannot do without them in my life. Anywho I will keep you updated on the new pair, because it has been a lot to pay in both money and mental state!
I feel like this post is long enough so I wont bore you too much with what happened this week and also I don’t really want to jinx it either, I feel like I’ve got some really amazing opportunities coming my way due to this blog but also feel like they are almost too good to be happening to me so I’m really trying to restrain myself from screaming it all at the top of my lungs, or even worse getting a friggin’ t-shirt printed about it ha-ha, to avoid any disappointment but I promise as soon as things start moving you will all be the first to know and see the out come!
I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week and to see you all taking part in #bbloggers tonight….I’m crashing that party every week, its so helpful and a great way to find new and amazing bloggers! 
Have a lovely Sunday Beauties x
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