my worst kept beauty secrets this summer…

27th June 2023
My worst kept beauty secrets this summer...

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I’m not sure how anyone keeps their beauty regime secret. When I find a product that works and gives me more confidence, I can’t help but shout about it from the rooftops… and by rooftops, I mean my blog and channel..!

Which is why I felt the need to dedicate today’s blog post to the beauty products that I have been loving so far this summer.

Some are make-up, some are skincare and some are perfume.

They all have one thing in common though: they make me feel amazing.

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Chantecaille Pure Rosewater Mist

Whether you’re looking to give your skin a daily, refreshing boost of moisture first thing or you’re jet setting away and looking for an in-flight mist to counteract the airconditioning’s harshness, this rosewater mist from Chantecaille is utterly divine. Created from hand-harvested rose petals, I spritz a few sprays of this on my face every morning and have found that not only is my skin not drying out in this heat but it looks healthy and brighter at the moment too.



Penhaligon’s Solaris Eau De Parfum

If I bottled up the sense of delight that comes hand-in-hand with feeling the warmth of sunshine on your cheeks for the first time all year, this perfume would be the end result. Citrus notes blend seamlessly with deep blackcurrant, while sandalwood and vanilla uplift and empower. It’s the perfect summer scent.


3”’More Inches Magic Oil by Michael Van Clarke 

My hair feels the healthiest it’s felt in a long time thanks to my recent cut by Michael Van Clarke and his amazing products. This Magic Oil in particular smells heavenly and has left both my hair and new extensions feeling so nourished and shiny.


Seed To Skin Dew Mist

I discovered the Seed To Skin range on a recent trip to Tuscany and was blown away by both the quality of the products and the brand’s ethos. It’s the perfect face mist when I’m on the move and provides a refreshing boost of radiance to what would otherwise be hot, sweaty, skin! 



Rodial Glass Bronzing Powder

I’ve given Rodial’s Glass Powder a LOT of love over the years because it’s truly revolutionary in my opinion. With that in mind, my expectations for their new glass bronzing powder were extremely high. I’m very relieved (and grateful) to say that it has lived up to expectation. If you’re looking for the ultimate bronzer that’s universally flattering, this is it.

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Rodial Plumping Collagen Lip Oil

Longterm followers will know that when I find a shade of lip colour that I love, I wear it at every available opportunity I get. This summer, this lip oil from Rodial in shade ‘sugar coral’ has stolen my heart. It somehow manages to be natural enough to wear in the day with little else on your face but fiery enough that it pops when you’re ready to dress up and go out! I’m obsessed.

PS. Use LYDIA15 for 15% off



bareMinerals ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your make-up is running down your face in the heat. For that reason, I’ve used bareMinerals Loose Powder Foundation for years now. In shade ‘medium tan’ it’s perfect for the days where you want to look done up without applying heavy coverage.


Sweed Pro Lash Lift Mascara

Hands down, the best mascara I’ve ever tried! If you’re looking to amplify your eyelashes, Sweed has you covered!



Sweed Lashes Satin Kohl Eyeliner in Dusty Brown

Dark brown eyeliner is so much softer than black eyeliner but still helps to create that all-important definition around your eyelids.  Like the Sweed mascara, this one is my current favourite!


Looking for summer fashion instead?

I’ve shared my favourite floral dresses here…

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