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7th October 2016 Outfits

My Secrets To Creating The Perfect Blog Post


There’s a vintage Louis Vuitton note book which sits next to my bed each night, on top of my desk each day and precariously balances on the sofa arm rest every evening. It’s the place where my ideas begin, illegibly scrawled across each page, scribbled out and rewritten numerous times over. Not every idea materialises, many fade into the pages.

Perfection is, of course, subjective but what you will find here is a fool proof guide to achieving the level of content you desire. Right. Now.



You Will Need:

Self Motivation

A Strong Sense of Self

Good Equipment i.e. Clothing, Camera etc etc.


A sprinkle of Creativity

A dash of style

and Patience






Styling 101

The beauty of blogging is that your style is very much your own, even when replicated it is never quite the same, trust me, you’re good! Your style transcends through the life of your blog, growing, evolving and establishing it’s self year on year. What I wear now is certainly not what I wore when I started nor should it be expected to, but the principles of my style most definitely remain same;


  • Dress how YOU feel best.
  • Key accessories and classic twists
  • Flirt with silhouettes
  • Dress for the occasion


I like to showcase my outfits for different life scenarios, Day to day, the perfect mile high outfit or playing with the idea of Power dressing. Your outfit has the ability to make you walk taller, hold your head higher and throw your voice across a room of 1000 people so what you wear is incredibly important.

For this outfit I decided on a pair of Tailored culottes which clinched me in at my waist whilst maintaining a contemporary and professional finish. A classic white chiffon blouse, because, of course and a full length grey marl coat to pull the monochrome look together, all from Karen Millen.








I am most inspired by blogs with beautiful imagery and  and I have my own little selection of two of three that I check regularly, they are the blogs that inspired me to explore the world of photography. Back then cameras were big, bulky and impractical, they most certainly didn’t fit in your handbag. But fast forward to today, where the brand new Olympus PEN E-PL8 has launched with a more streamlined design, and a variety of new functions from video clip editing straight to your phone to faster processing.

The Olympus PEN enables you to create editorial content wherever you are with the change of a lens which, might I add you don’t even need someone behind in order to get the shot. With the camera linking via wifi direct to your phone transforming the view finder directly into your hand.

The best and most affordable lens for creating beautiful imagery with gorgeous blurry depth of field is most definitely the 45mm 1.8 Olympus lens, but whilst this is the most effective kit for giving your photography that polished finish, my advice is always to learn your way around the camera to get the most out of this effective and rather on trend bit of kit.










There are a number of factors with contribute to getting a great image aside from the equipment you use and here is where I really give my most utilised tips and tricks for ensuring I get THE SHOT without freezing my butt off.


Image composition 

I like to ensure the outfits I am wearing are as fitting as possible to the location, i.e. stilettos in a field aren’t the usual attire unless shooting a Porter editorial which I can’t say I’ve done just yet. If I’m dressed for a day of meetings then the streets of Embankment provided a perfect background for this Professional Polished look from Karen Millen.



What really makes an image work, is you and how you work the camera, it’s not easy and I have my fair share of ‘Off Days’ where I simply have nothing to “work” with in front of the lens. But I love those days when I’m able to let loose in front of the lens and play with my confidence and comfort zones.


Image Selection

I try to keep image selections to between 7 and 10…usually! And I aim to include a variety of images that show the texture, tone and movement of an outfit, not just the ones where I’m feeling myself, as difficult as that may be sometimes. A structured collar or a pleated trouser leg, I want to ensure the full outfit is visible from the images I create.


Nail Power dressing this Autumn/Winter with the beautiful new collection from Karen Millen and discover more from the campaign. I will also be holding my first ever meet up in conjunction with Karen Millen x Olympus PEN on October 20th from 6pm at their BIRMINGHAM store where we can talk all things Fashion and Photography. I promise it will be lots of fun so visit here for more info and to secure your place.


Shop THE Look







This Post is a Sponsored Advertorial with Olympus Pen x Karen Millen.



Imagery by Jay McLaughlin using the NEW Olympus PEN E-PL8 .

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