my favourite gym wear right now…

13th January 2023
If you're anything like me, though gym wear alone won’t help to shift your attitude to exercise, when it makes you feel amazing it’s an encouraging start...
Be it that you’re looking to get stronger this year, become more flexible, work on your mental health… I could go on, exercise – in my opinion – is a good place to start.
Which is why I thought I’d round up my favourite gym wear brands…

After all, though gym wear alone won’t solve any of the above, if it makes you feel amazing it’s an encouraging start!

(If you’re looking for broader motivation tips to help shift your attitude to health and fitness, take a look at this post that I shared last January)

Without further ado therefore…

Best for weight training, yoga and pilates… Adanola

When I’m weight training, doing yoga or pilates, Adanola’s sets do no wrong in my eyes. Whether I’m stretching or squatting, the fabric is so smooth it moulds around the contours of your body. It doubles up as perfect loungewear for that reason, too.




Best for high intensity… Gymshark

On the days that my PT surprises me with a high intensity workout, I’m always grateful when I’ve got my Gymshark sports bra and leggings on (Specifically, their Vital Seamless 2.0 range). They’re functional, supportive and (importantly when you’re sweating) breathable – the perfect combination when you’re in the mood to sweat it all out.



Best for running… TALA

Nothing jiggles in TALA (!) so for me, they’re my go-to when I want to go for a run. They hold you in without feeling like you’ve been vacuum packed! Their black leggings have kept me company on many a dog walk, too. 



Best for colour ways… Adanola

It’s like Adanola were a fly on the wall in my mind when I dreamt of my dream gym wear shades because the colour ways that their sets come in are truly stunning. Naturally, I gravitate towards their earthy olive, sage and espresso sets but their recent Navy Blue set is UNREAL. Classic, ageless and not in the slightest bit garish, they know their target audience (aka. me!) inside out.


Best (trainers) for general exercise… APL

I got my first pair of APL’s in September ’21 and haven’t looked back since. Whilst I was initially skeptical at the lack of laces (would they be tight enough? Would they be too tight? etc…) I was instantly won over by the simplicity of their design and the support that they provide during everything from weight training to HIIT. Nowadays, I alternate between my black, grey and white pairs for pretty much every indoor workout I do. 


Best (trainers) for running… Hoka

Given that the runs around my house take me from muddy trails and fields to winding pavements and roads, I wanted a trainer that felt sturdy – like I could take on anything and live to tell the tale! Hokas make me feel exactly that. Lightweight, flexible with added cushioning for comfort, they provide the extra spring in your step that comes in handy when you’re starting to flag! 




I’d love to hear which gym wear brands are your favourites, right now.
Let me know in the comments below.

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