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27th October 2011 Outfits


Well hellooooo there beautiful people!
Sorry for the lack of posting over the past 2 days, I’ve actually been doing Uni work…How very organised of me, eh?
So first things first I’d like you all to turn your attention to the shiney new Navigation Bar above this post. There is now a lil’ about me section with some random questions I answered just to give those that don’t know me a chance to know me a weeny bit more. I’ve also added a “Shop My My Wardrobe” section, which already has some pretty little items in there and I want you all to know that they are all in IMMACULATE condition because I’m stupid and buy things I don’t wear. Should be uploading some more things over the next few days so keep checking back although I will try to let as many of you know via Twitter and Facebook as much as possible. Which brings me to the last section, here is my Twitter account name and E-mail address…Now if you have ANY questions, requests or offers (for selling items) just hit me up on either of them if your not down with the commenting kids, Looking forward to hearing from you e-peeps!

Now as you all know I’m pretty damn new to this Blogging Ting so last night I was intrigued to see all over Twitter postings about the Cosmo blog awards (I know what rock have I been hiding under right?) but anyway it all sounded super glamourous and I did get a little life envy I’ve gotta admit but then I thought of my little blog and got this sudden wave of guilt like it was a puppy that I’d just left in a card board box by the side of the road…So doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere anytime soon, I love this thing, I love the people that read it and I love the people that take the time to tell me what they really think, fact!

Aaaaand seeing as I left you for two days, I cant exactly show my face without an outfit post right? I found this little diamond of a roll neck (FRIGGIN’ LOVING ROLL NECKS) in Primark today for £8 and it meant I’d FINALLY found something to wear my Henry Holland suspenders with, without feeling like a erm…lady of the night?
You just can’t go wrong with a big of monocrome either whenever I put outfits like this on I get this sudden urge to crop my hair and dye it blonde….and then I’m realistic. I hope you like it people.

Shoes – Melody direct (in store or telephone order only)
Suspender socks – Henry Holland
Monocrome Roll Neck Dress – Primark
Necklace – Topshop

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