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23rd January 2013 Outfits

Modern Day Marilyn

Dress – C/O MOTELROCKS    Bag – C/O LA MODA UK    Cuffs – H&M    Necklace – Ebay    Boots – Primark

OK so maybe not quite as the title suggest but let me explain a little, I recently stumbled across a random as hell article which discussed How to Dress Like Your Favorite Distinctly-Dressed TV Characters and it got me thinking about how much influence, past a present celebrities have on the way we dress on a day to day basis, and how often you rarely notice the subtle nod you make to them. And when putting on this white studded faux leather dress from MOTEL ROCKS I instantly knew which curvaceous bombshell was my inspiration behind the choice. Who can forget THAT white dress on HER body, over THAT sewer grate. Obviously I can only dream of possessing the sex-appeal that our girl Marilyn oozed but if donning a flirty white dress with a slight Rock n’ Roll edge can be my own personal nod of appreciation to her, Imma run with it!

Which Celebrity’s style are you currently nodding left, right and centre to?

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