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2nd September 2015 Beauty

Make up for Acne Prone/Roaccutane Treated Skin

In the morning I would wake up and the first thing I would do is look in the mirror. But it wasn’t to check how tired I looked that morning. I had spent my last waking moments wishing I would wake up to clear skin, I even dreamt about it as I slept. But like every morning I awoke to disappointment.

I know how utterly soul destroying having acne is. I remember one night I thought my acne was returning after I had finished my treatment and I haven’t felt so defeated in a very long time. One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to acne is that we must be dirty or we must trowel on lots of make up. This kind of mentality infuriates me. The fact is most acne sufferers will be boarder-line oil/bacteria phobic. I also went through a stage of wearing no make up what-so-ever in the hope that it would in some way aid my skin. Obviously it didn’t  otherwise I would never have gone on Roaccutane.

Time and time again the same question from fellow sufferers crops up “what foundation is best for Acne Prone/Roaccutane treated skin?” so much so that I thought I would write all about why it’s the best choice for temperamental skin. As far as myself, my £200 a session dermatologist, my GP and anyone else wanting to delve into the subject of acne, is concerned, Mineral Make up is the only option.

What is Mineral Make up?

Mineral make up generally comes in powder form and is made up of Zinc oxide, mica, Iron oxide and titanium dioxide to name  a few. These minerals are ground down to create the powder which creates tiny particles which although small are unable to sink into the pores of the skin which can cause congestion and spots.

The difference between Mineral and Regular make up…

As a whole, foundations tend to be made up of a lot of the same ingredients but mineral make up leaves out all the nasties which can irritate skin and clog pores. Parabens, fragrance, talc, preservatives, oil, and other harsh or inflammatory chemicals are absent in Mineral make up making it the perfect choice for problematic skin types.

Does Mineral Make up benefit the skin?

Dermatologists, doctors and surgeons the world over recommend mineral make up over others because it is much less irritating to the skin, scarred tissue and delicate areas and can even be soothing to inflamed skin. So whilst it wont do what all the lotions and potions we use on a daily basis do, it certainly won’t be making the situation any worse. I honestly believe that this make up plays a big part in the fact that I didn’t suffer much scarring from my acne.

My thoughts, experiences and suggestions…

Part of what makes writing these posts so enjoyable is that you guys want to know which products I suggest, what I think of them and what I would recommend. It’s lovely to know that you value my opinion on this so much and really does push me to give you the best review possible.

When I first made the change to mineral make up over 8 years ago it wasn’t easy. It feels very different to wearing other normal liquid foundations. In fact it made me feel like I was wearing nothing on my face at all, which for someone with acne really was quite unpleasant. But I was determined to do the best for my skin and ensure I wasn’t covering it with something that was going to make my problem worse. So I perceived and as I said above I genuinely believe that the combination of this foundation teamed with kicking my oil phobia and introducing facial oils into my skincare routine, really is a fundamental factor in the lack of acne scarring I suffered.

I currently use the Bareminerals Original foundation because so far it colour matches my skin the best although I am keen to try M.A.C.’s take on mineral powder and also brands like YoungBlood and there are many other brands now a day’s offering mineral make up such as Neal’s Yard, whose mineral Bronzers and Blushes I adore. Antipodes, whose entire brand ethos is centred around pure and natural goodness and newbie Lilylolo who offer an even broader spectrum of mineral products including an amazing brow kit.

If you are currently suffering with acne I would suggest visiting your nearest counter to find out more and grab a sample to see if you like the products and if you are receiving treatment I’m sure your dermatologist has already told you about Mineral make up, but if they haven’t I strongly suggest giving it a go as I have no doubt that it will aid the results of your treatment.


This post was shot on the Olympus PEN E-PL7 & the 45mm lens.

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