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31st January 2012 Outfits

Mad Hatter

Hat – H&M
Top – Primark
Scissors – Primark

Sorry I don’t have an outfit post for you just as yet, this is going to be a manic week for me so I will catch up with the back log of clothes and outfits this weekend, pinkie promise!
But as I said on Twitter the other day, I had come up with a way to keep my pretty new hat on my pea head as when wearing a hat it most certainly should not be a chore, it should look effortless and on my Uni Campus that is impossible without super gluing it to your head….Or so I thought!
Don’t ask me how I came up with this idea but here goes:
Tools: Hat
       2 (or more if you wish) Hair grips
       Nail Scissors
Buy a hat! I know its an excuse to go shopping yey! But I would say this probably works best with a black hat however I do know you can get brown hair grips so it may not be too visible with a brown hat also. Probably wouldn’t make it an expensive hat either as you will be making cuts, albeit small, right through the material.
Work out where on your head you feel would be the best place to secure your hat to your hair. I went with just above my ears, but thats totally up to you.
Take the Nail Scissors and make two TINY incisions in the fabric, I didn’t even make the cutting motion with the scissors, I just gently pushed the sharpest edge through the fabric a little. You don’t want the hair grips slipping and sliding.
Thread the first little slidey edge of the grips into the hole but DO NOT push the hair grip all the way through.
Place hat on your head and push the fabric of the hat where the grips are right onto your head, then slide the grips into your hair securing as much hair in the grip as possible. (if you have fine hair you can always back comb the area where the clip will go as this holds EVERYTHING in place.
And there you have it, a Hat that’s going no where fast. I’ve worn my hat like this all day at Uni over the past week and it hasn’t budged, even in the gail force winds we have up there.

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