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26th January 2012 Outfits

Lydia in Love

Hat – H&M
Dress – C/O Love
Belt – Moschino (DIY)
Watch – Casio
Cuff – H&M
Rings – H&M
Bag – Mulberry
Shoes – Topshop Boutique

So this belt has a funny story, Yes I like every other lookbook user wanted THE belt of last season but was not willing to pay the extortionate ebay prices to get my little mits on this vintage gem! 
As I was perving over one of the many colours available my step mum happened to peer over my shoulder and let out a laugh which immediately caught my attention. She went on to inform me how she used to, and I quote “Buy one of everything” in Moschino, back in the day (such a fashionista) Obviously I had to see whatever she had left and boy did she have a lot, handbags, purses, bumbags (yes bumbags)….The only thing she could bare to part with was the bumbag and I most definitely didn’t winge, I had a plan.
I bought a skinny little belt from Primark and gently cut the stitches holding the gold letters on so they could be easily replaced (just in case I fancy rocking the socks and sandals with Moschino one day)  and threaded them onto the belt…bobs ya uncle!
However since making it my beautiful best friend Victoria (Possibly the most Chic, girl in Northampton) turned up at my house with a REAL red one because “She’s never worn it and thought I’d like it”, UNDERSTATEMENT!!!
Anyway, when Love sent me a parcel containing this dress a couple of weeks ago I just new my little creation would look beautiful against the smooth mocha fabric, it’s slightly more understated than the original one. 
I’ve practically lived in this dress since they sent it because it’s so easy to dress up (I wore it to see my Beautiful Model friend Kate in Nottingham) with tanned legs and some gold accessories or down (I have thrown it on for many-a-lecture) with a cute leather jacket and some ankle boots! So if you want to get your hands on this dress click HERE however it does come in like EVERY frickin’ colour!

Ok so in hindsight it probably wasn’t all that much of a funny story….but I liked it.

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