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21st February 2012 Outfits

Live lavish, superior, deluxe…

Dress – C/O Lavish Alice    Sunglasses – H&M    Leather Jacket – Topshop Boutique    Bag – Select    Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell    Rings & Cuff – H&M    Necklaces – Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge    Bracelets – eBay, Pandora, Topshop

Me and my dad have been disagreeing over these sunglasses for the past few days, he thinks I look like Ozzy Osborne where as I just think I look pretty damn cool, maybe not? Well that aside I’ve informed him that he’ll just have to put up with them until he’s willing to hand over his Vintage Ray Ban Aviators to his lovely Daughter….I think his words were “Over my dead body!”…Tad harsh but whatevs ha-ha!
I think I wen’t a little jewellery mad with this outfit but I think it works OK, I just love an all black outfit especially an all black and leather outfit, so when the e-peeps from Lavish Alice asked me to choose something from their website, and I came across this beauty I couldn’t say no.
It’s got such a Styles Stalker feel about it and seeing as I’m far too much of a poor student to be able to afford  the real deal and I do love a bit of “inspired” clothing because you always feel better, after it’s come and gone out of fashion, that you didn’t fork out as much…I get a lil smile inside!
I think this dress would fit me perfectly if I hadn’t been at the back of the queue when they were dealing out Busts but I actually like that slight loose look every now and again, sorta gives a nonchalant feel to an outfit.
Another thing that was really nice about dealing with the people from Lavish Alice was the fact that initially they wanted me to choose stuff from their New Arrivals page, and even though I did find some beautiful things on there, this dress had already stolen my heart, so I cheekily told them how I felt I might be cheating on this dress if I chose anything else. They replied straight away saying they wanted me to be happy with my items therefore the dress was mine. I hear some horror stories on some blogs about brands “pushing for a positive and fast reviews” so I’m happy that I haven’t encountered any brands like that….Yet!

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