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29th March 2014 Beauty

Lifestyle & Loves – Exfoliating // Babe Scrub Review

Scrub – c/o Babe Scrub

Being on Roaccutane means I have to be super careful when exfoliating. I’m not actually meant to as the treatment causes my skin to thin slightly which isn’t great when you are buffing your skin away, however I have noticed that where my face is a complete no go for exfoliation, my body seems to be able to handle it quite well.
Exfoliating is something I’ve been doing as part of my beauty regime for as long as I can remember, being a tan-o-holic my skin can get dry and flakey causing it to look dull and matte. A quick full body exfoliation in the shower rids the skin of dead cells giving your skin a breath of fresh air. Sometimes when I want to give my tan a real kick up the tush I’ll have a pamper evening of exfoliation and coconut oil the night before, ready for a 10minute holiday the next day.
But aside from benefiting the tone of your complexion, exfoliating has also been noted as being a great weapon in the battle against cellulite.
Cellulite can be very stubborn but using a body scrub can help lessen the appearance by improving your skins circulation which in turn helps loosen excess fluid.
The team over at Babe Scrub sent me a selection of the Cellulite busting, skin brightening Babe-a-licious scrubs to give a test run on my own skin. My favourite ended up being the No.2 Coffee scrub (clearly drinking my body weight in coffee isn’t enough so now I’m rubbing it all over me to get my fix) my skin felt so ridiculously smooth that I spent the rest of the day sat in the sunshine stroking my arms, yes I did look extremely odd and no that didn’t stop me.
The only downside was that I did smell like I’d had an accident in Costa Coffee for a little while afterwards but it did fade off as it mixed in the the coconut oil which was much more bearable.
I can assure you, these scrubs are going to see some serious action this Summer!


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