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11th June 2014 Beauty

Lifestyle & Loves – Loving Tan

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Hello! And welcome to the very first post of my brand new blog design. I can’t quite believe that already in 2014 not only do I have a gorgeous new home, but so does my blog. But as with all new homes, it’s going to take some settling in so please bare with me while I get used to my new surroundings and find my feet.
There have been some new area’s introduced to my blog that are still a work in process such as my FAQ area (please do e-mail me with any questions you would like included in this area), this is going to be a one stop spot for all those niggling questions that seem to crop up again and again.
One of the questions that seems to appear round about this time of year is regarding which fake tans that I use, not worthy of an entire blog post you might think but I cannot rave about this product enough.
Loving Tan was sent all the way from Australia (I think I could afford to move there with the amount I spend on customs) the home of golden, sun-kissed complexions, for me this is a British girls answer to the skin we currently see adorning the toned bodies throughout our Instagram feeds.
I started using Loving Tan products when I was in full swing of my Roaccutane treatment. I had stopped using other tanning products previously because I couldn’t handle the smell of potatoes and biscuits (because genuinely that is how they smell) but with it’s distinct smell of ‘Summer in a bottle’, Loving Tan really was the answer to my little vitamin D deprived prayers.
Their Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Dark is the real winner for me, it smells delicious and its mousse like consistency makes application using their Delux Mitt smooth and mess free, even for the most inexperienced tanners (i.e. Me). I apply in the morning on a Friday after my little spa session at the gym which includes a much needed exfoliation and moisturise. I then leave the tan to develop during the day and come the evening its ready to wash off leaving a gorgeous olive tan for the weekends festivities (usually pizza in front of the TV).
They also have the Picture Perfect instant body make up. For someone with thick hair like mine I’m not going to pretend I’m not prone to the odd case of razor burn so this is a great touch up for those little imperfections. But the thing that I really love about this product is the lid, strange I know but I am an absolute nightmare for loosing lids and then redecorating the inside of my over priced handbags with the lose product. The Picture Perfect body make up has a retractable nozzle so I don’t have to fear for my Louis just yet.
Both are a firm favourite in my weekly beauty regime and are most definitely products I would recommend for those unable to achieve the level of tan they desire, are unable to tan, like I was due to sensitivity or medical treatment, or you are just needing an extra suttin’ suttin’ for your Saturday night make up. So if you would like to give Loving Tan Products a try you can use my own unique code to receive a free unique Delux Applicator Mitt with any order of LovingTan Mousses, just enter “lydiaemillen” at the checkout.
Happy tanning!

The ‘Milly’ Bikini – c/o Triangl 

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