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24th March 2020 Life & Style Diaries


Good evening everyone! It’s a bit late in the day for me to be posting but after yesterdays announcement I didn’t end up sleeping all that well and so for the first time in almost 4 weeks, I stayed in my pyjamas. My Christmas Day pyjamas to be exact (remember those small moments of happiness we talked about?) Honestly I was worrying about anything and everything all at once, my mind was spinning so I woke up and decided I needed today to myself to regroup and reflect. And so that is what she did!

I’ve already learnt so much about myself since all of this has happened and also reignited passions I thought I’d lost. I’ve spent today snuggled under a blanket brain storming how I want to move forward content wise from all this in amongst work calls. The main thing I realised is that I think I’d fallen out of love with fashion content online to be completely honest. I started my blog almost 9 years ago and in the beginning I didn’t even think to bloomin’ wear the clothes I was buying, I’d just snap a picture on my Uni digs floor at 10pm at night with those gorgeous Halogen bulb hues and upload it as is. I slowly realised it may be helpful to actually wear the items and for around 3 years I took pictures in my bedroom of my outfits or on my parents driveway. Sometimes I’d shoot 10 outfits a day and all the neighbours thought I’d lost my marbles, but I loved it, it inspired me and was my kind of creative outlet. As it all evolved the pressures of instagram changed what blogging was and it became glossy and polished. I put immense pressure on myself whilst holding down a full time job to source locations that looked like I was in some fashionable city in the UK despite living in Milton Keynes, to learn photography, be more relaxed, more candid and more professional in front of the camera. I think inevitably, the bar I set myself became too high, conflicted with why i started and became eclipsed by my growing Youtube channel, and sure enough soon my love of fashion blogging sadly got popped on a shelf to gather dust.

When I started I followed Fashion Fade, Frassy and Cats & Rocking chairs religiously. All fashion bloggers, all completely different and all absolutely kill(ed) it.  Some still blog today. Thats what I think I want to get back to and its definitely what this last week of writing And chatting with you in the comments has taught me. I want to take my love of fashion back to where it all started, albeit with a slightly nicer back drop than my Uni digs and certainly not limited to this only. I just want to be able to snap my outfit when I feel inspired or cute and share it with you there and then without having to draft in my photographer, drive 2 hrs to London for a cute background or try to pass Milton Keynes National rail head office off as a high flying south bank office block one more bloomin’ time. And with record hits, clicks, growth and comments this week alone I hear you loud and clear. I’ll leave the pro’s to it! I’m going back to my roots.

So you can expect to see a lot more of what I’m wearing as I’ve shared in your frustrations from my lack of inspiration when it comes to fashion but I’m not someone who can put out content when I’m not inspired to, or if I feel I have to. It already feels great to type this down and make a pledge to myself (and you, so I guess I better stick to it) to take control of the content I put out in the same way I did with my Youtube but also as a stark reminder of where blogging started, why it boomed the way it did and why looking like you fell off the pages of Vogue (perhaps you did) has its place, but so does the girl/woman/guy/however you identify who just wants to snap a quick, cute outfit pic in a full length mirror.



How do you feel about blogging right now? Does professional outfit pictures or street style imagery out weigh the outfit? What is more important to you as a reader? Does it really matter? You’re feed back on this for me is invaluable and I really appreciate your time and help on this! Thank you x








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