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23th March 2020


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all too the weekend to reflect and adjust to the new parameters of how we are to live a present. I took Sunday to myself as much as possible to do a bit of cooking to ensure nothing we have in the fridge is going to waste. We’ve fired up the fridge in the shed so that we can store meals in the freezer as we will no longer be going to the super markets and instead reverting back to our usual method of home delivery. However, getting those home delivery slots at the moment aren’t easy so we are trying to preempt a little so that we can order ahead. We haven’t been panic buying at all, my mum works at a local supermarket and so I’m more than aware that there is enough food and resources for everyone instead we are ordering our usual but maybe an extra bottle of wine here and there.

Carrie arrived back safe and sound from her expedition and today it has been a very productive one for work, content and ticking items off the to do list which is really easing a lot of my anxiousness that I’ve been feeling over the last week or so. I know so many are no longer able to work and many have lost their jobs but I’ve felt a lot of pressure with regards to my staff and ensuring they are OK too. So I’m starting to feel more confident with that and am putting procedures and options in place should we go to full lock down.

More than anything though, the weather today is lifting my spirits which is really what I need, its so warm in my kitchen and I’ve opened up the windows so that I can hear the birds and the wind and I’m just appreciating the smallest of things at this very strange time. I’m also going to bake a really delicious and non-healthy banana cake later which i’m fully looking forward to.

What are the small things that got you through the weekend and what are your plans for the week ahead? Also, a kind reminder to please keep social distancing at maximum, this isn’t a holiday as much as I’m trying to pretend it is in my head.

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