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22nd August 2012 Outfits

Kids British

Some of you may know that this summer was the first summer I’d spent in England for four years, and I don’t think I could have picked a better British summer to kick my Ibiza habit, do you?
With the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics it feels like its been a season long celebration which, of course,  included many references to the Great British fashion industry, I mean I know for sure that I’m not the only one who squealed with glee at the sight of Naomi, Kate and both Lily’s strutting across the Olympic stadium draped in some of our countries greatest designers.
And I’m yet to find the front runners of the British fashion industry presented so gloriously as I found within the BEST OF BRITISH: FASHION DESIGNERS article from the People section of FARFETCH.COM, a website providing me with endless inspiration and information (as well as despair at my pathetic bank balance) from season to season.
The article includes the absolute darling of British Fashion, Stella McCartney, which gave me the excuse to bring to your attention this hot piece of arm candy from the leather shoulder bags from
Go forth and dribble (whilst flying that British flag)

Now who has 915 of those great british pounds to give me so I can buy this beauty!

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