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2nd June 2012 Outfits

It’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to…

Bianca Rucksack – C/O GRAFEA    Hawaiian Bomber jacket  – C/O LIQUORISH    YSL inspired ring – C/O DOLLY BOW BOW    Believe Bracelet – C/O DOLLY BOW BOW    Turquoise Bullet Necklace – C/O DOLLY BOW BOW    Disco Pants – American Apparel     Vest – H&M    Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
This to me is the epitome of an English summer outfit, the option is there to bare some skin but we pretty much know that we aren’t going to do that right now don’t we? It’s a lil nippy out there again today SAD FACE.
I received this incredible rucksack from GRAFEA a couple of weeks ago (you’ve definitely already dribbled over it if you follow me on instagram). I thought the bag was absolutely stunning but I did wonder if I would be able to make it work for me and my style…teamed with this Garish but Oh-So-Right Hawaiian bomber jacket from LIQUORISH (one of my most eagerly awaited items this month), the blogger trademark Disco pants and some beautiful gold…I KNOW RIGHT, ME? IN GOLD???… Jewels from DOLLY BOW BOW, I’m ready to rock up to this party I’m headed to tonight with the boyfriend (I know I know, another mention of him).
I’m gonna stray from the point of this post, maybe even the entire point of this blog, a little now but I feel I have some things that I am ready to address…
I recently moved back to my home town right next to Watford after 4 Summers in Ibiza and 3 Winters at Northampton University, I never really came back to this town much. Mainly because I had no reason to…In fact I never thought I would come back, but a mind-f***ing 4 months later and here I am, Uni finished, a wee job to keep me going till graduation, the most amazing man in my life and back in the town where I grew up.
Now you may be asking yourselves why I am telling you all this but I promise you there is a point in here somewhere.
It has become apparent to me that as much as I have friends in this town (some of the best) I also have a number of people who are not too fond of me (I’d say I accumulated most of them over these past 4 months) and that they do in fact read my blog….well here comes the reason for writing this so publicly, seeing as I have never actually spoken to these people, I don’t really have an opportunity to defuse these situations as I’m certainly not going to approach them as I’m a big fat wuss and the looks-of-death which these people give me is enough to make anyone want to cower in the corner of a bar or club….or even just leave as I find myself having to do time and time again.
This is my plea, out there, in full view of the T’interweb for this to stop, (however if you have reasons other than the issues regarding these last few months then by all means crack on) but the people that are bringing themselves into matters which do not concern them, causing situations and atmospheres which make myself, my friends and people I care about extremely uncomfortable and just down right meddle, need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask them selves if really, in all honesty…they should be sitting on such a high horse? End rant.
This is my blog, it is only little old me sitting behind this cruddy laptop, this is my little place  on the web to post my loves, troubles and triumphs….This post was one of those.
Have a fabulous Jubilee weekend!

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