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25th January 2012 Outfits

It was like James Dean, For sure

Hat – H&M
Shirt – Primark 
Blue pleather shorts – H&M
Cross Pendant – Miss Selfridge
Drop triangle necklace – Topman
Rings – H&M
Bag – Romwe
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

So what are the general thoughts on these shorts? Because when I asked my followers on Twitter to decide whether I should buy these I only received one “No, run away!”…I frickin’ love them, which is strange for me as I’m not much of a shorts person (I’m sure you’ve gathered this by now) but I dunno what it was about them (Maybe the 14.99 price tag?) that just drew me in and before I knew it I was in the changing room stuffing myself into them, and they FIT…Weeell Kinda I mean they could have been smaller but I guess they fit on the grand scale of things (I have tried to find kids high-waisted shorts but at some point the stupidity of this quest dawned on me).
Now the shirt I have BIG plans for seeing as it cost £3 from Primark, You know when you pick something up and your not so sure but you head to the till anyway and when you get there its reduced from £8 to £3 and your like “I so need this!”…yeah THAT! I’ve seen a number of bloggers studding their collars which I really like as we all know I love a stud but also I don’t wanna over do it, I mean those JC’s a pretty “studdy” all by their lonesome! What do ya think?
Also, one more question I keep shifting between “X-large” blogger sized pictures and “original” sized, which do you guys prefer? I kinda feel like there needs to be more of an “inbetweeny”size, I might put my idea’s to blogger (and receive a kindly worded BORE-OFF in return ha-ha).
Seriously over this miserable weather but I have noticed that it’s no longer dark at like 3:30pm anymore so you know that we’re on our way to warmer times.
Seriously fighting the urge to mid-week rave right now.

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