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3rd March 2012 Outfits

Insta-love #2

Instagram – @lydiaelisemillen

Just a quick update on my Instagram happenings recently as I am, once again back in Hertfordshire, I had to pick up my tax disk so it would be kinda rude not to hit Watford town tonight for some drinks with my best woman Harriett. Actually speaking of Harriett, we went and watched The Vow at the cinema last night, now I’m a real crier when it comes to movies so I pre-warned her of this, little did I know she would COMPLETELY out do me on that, she actually didn’t stop sobbing from start to finish, I  was a bit like, “seriously babe, do you need to take 5 or something?” Ha-ha!
Ok so from top to bottom of my Insta-love picks we start off with some absolutely INCREDIBLE vintage pieces that my oh-so-glam-Gran(dma) actually gave to me. This vintage Gucci bag looks absolutely perfect perched on my back seat when I’m driving down the M1, such a lucky girl to have a family with such good taste.
Then of course we have pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday, and I was so goddamn impressed with the fact that they actually LOOKED remotely edible that I had to be one of those 100’s of people posting their proud pictures to twitter and facebook haha.
I dunno if you caught any of my spam tweets and status updates but I made the front page of lookbook and it kinda made me feel super duper happy so I whacked that one up, for you just to give me an excuse to say “do you know I made the front page of lookbook?” a few more times…..did you know… hahah!
Then we’ve got the frapp that I bought when it hit like 17degrees the other day, I felt like I was off that boots advert when they all run to the seaside when the sun comes up, except when I say running I mean driving and when I say seaside I mean Starbucks.
And last but not least we’ve got a lovely smiley photo for my mum because she says I don’t smile enough and the BEAUTIFUL studded collar from RED ROCK that you can win in my blog giveaway below but hurry TWO DAYS LEFT!
I’m off to get ready to go and get Crunk in the Cluuuuub
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