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24th October 2011 Outfits


Well I am down right flabbergasted, as I write this I’m on 851 hits today, yes thats EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE PEOPLE hitting up my blog in. a. single. day…Now that’s some seriously cool shiz right there. THANK YOOOOU! and an extra special thank you to Charlotte over at and Ashlie from because i’m pretty sure I owe about 2 thirds of you guys to them…Charlotte’s got an absolutely fabulous blog for people like myself who know absolutely F’all about cosmetics….all hail charlotte and her extremely helpful obsessions and Ashlie’s is going to be my pre-sleep-with-a-cup-of-hot chocolate read, so whatch this space. Thank you beautiful ladies!

Another thing that has completely knocked me side ways is…you see the quick outfit post below??? OVER 100 Hypes!!!!! ok so its nothing in the big bad world of lookbook but its a mahoooosive deal in the weeny world of Lydia. So I’ve given myself a high five, Gooooo me!

Today has been a pretty good day all round really, I mean you find me one student who doesn’t love checking their timetable and seeing “self study lecture”….Its like your lecturer sending you a bottle of wine and saying “drink this, you don’t need to worry about tomorrow” so Big up yourself Miss Pasco over at UCN.
I chose to be a bit more productive with my day though, and do my bit for charity. SHOPPING! I tell you what that is one good thing about to add to the list of Positives regarding Northampton (no the list isn’t very long) Its Charity Shops…they aren’t the pretty little chic ones you’ll find down the back streets of Brighton, in fact sometimes they can be a Lil’ scary but there are some real gems in them.
I was mainly shopping for some basic t shirts that I can fuck about with and probably ruin but managed to get some cheeky jewellery steals also so here’s my loot for today…

Couple of cheeky Navajo inspired pieces in there, The Salvation Army is On-Trend!
(nothing cost more than £2)



I am SOOO in love with the sword broach ONE MEEEEEEASLY BRITISH POUND!!!!
 (Please excuse the blood looking mark on the price tag…)

I keep remembering things I need to tell you so this might get a widdle bit long winded, I apologise in advance but if you know me you know all about my obsession with Mulberry which is slightly unhealthy when your a student surviving on a grant and random shoots here and there. So I reluctantly posted a quick message on Facebook just to get an idea of what I could get for my Roxanne and Daria….ended up getting a part exchange on my Roxanne for a black one + MOOONEY!! Still undecided whether to sell the Daria, thoughts please??

Heres the beautiful Roxanne!
Aaaaaaaaand finally another outfit post for you! ENJOOOOY.
Bandeau dress: All Saints
Oxblood basic L/S top: Charity shop
Dark Marl Grey Basic: Stradivarius, Ibiza
Boots: Topshop
Sword broach necklace: Charity shop
Lipstick: Chanel – Fatale

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