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3rd January 2012 Beauty

I’m not a kid anymore





Happy Twenty Twelve to all my Lovely Beautiful readers!
And my first post of the new year starts with an apology, it’s another post, without an outfit, I’m sorry! But due to the none stop snow up here in Verbier I have been extremely reluctant to take my camera out, however it isn’t snowing today so fingers crossed my boyfriend gets back from Ski-ing whilst it’s still light enough to get some amazing shots in the snow.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m going to start beauty blogging, because quite frankly I could not compete with the talent that is out there right now…I am completely rubbish at all things cosmetic’s based haha!
However having beautiful skin is something I have always been passionate about, and been fighting for since my teens. I was never struck with awful acne that some people I know suffered from thankfully, however I did get the normal breakouts like most teenagers and clung on to the reassurance of my parents that I would grow out of it…Unfortunately, I didn’t and have been trying every fad product out there since.
To hit 23 and still be so self conscious about my skin that I couldn’t leave the house even to pop to the shops without some form of foundation on was pretty disheartening.

If you have read my earlier posts I invested in some Dermalogica products back in October and to begin with was extremely pleased with how my skin felt but after a few weeks I realised that my blemishes were actually getting worse and more frequent than before (note to self to not hype a product before you have seen the full results). You will also know that I have been under going a skin treatment at the SK:N clinic in Northampton, So I thought it stupid not to atleast try what they had to offer terms of Acne creams, however I didn’t have much faith seeing as I really have tried them all, from prescribed anti biotics to that absolutely terrible Freederm Gel.

The Girl seemed really honest from the moment I asked, informing me that SK:N does have its own brand of Acne treatment, however the other brands they had on offer were far more effective due to them containing, and I quote “The highest possible medicated ingredients that are able to be sold without a prescription”.
She advised advised me to buy Avene Clearance Gel – £8.50
Aknicare Cream – £14.95
Aknicare Lotion – £15.95

and considering the price I payed for the Dermalogica products I was pleasantly surprised.

I started using the products right away using the cleanser morning and night (cleansing twice at night to remove make-up), applying the cream and then dabbing the areas where I tend to have break outs with the lotion. Now I’m not going to sugar coat it, your face DOES feel dry (to combat this I spritz some Avene thermal water on my face which I have to use after my treatments) but when I woke up in the morning the results were noticeable instantly, the bumps under my skin were gone and the redness of blemishes reduced and within three days my skin was completely clear (albeit for a few clogged pores around the hair line where I miss during cleansing).
I now no longer wear 2 layers of M.A.C. Studio Fix foundation and a layer of Bare Minerals (to give it natural colouring), I simply sweep some Bare Minerals over my face and a touch of bronzer and I’m done. I can safely say I would not feel self conscious about having to leave the house with zero make-up and genuinely cannot wait for the summer to actually allow my face to see the sun.
These products have completely out-done whatever expectations I had and am still seeing improved results to date. However, no matter how well these products have worked for me, it might not be the case for everyone, but I still recommend giving them a go and I hope they do work as well for you as they do for me.

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