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9th August 2012 Outfits

If you’re not first, You’re last

Jacket – C/O MOTEL ROCKS    Bag – C/O ROMWE     Cuff – C/O INGENIOUS JEWELLERY    Arty Ring – C/O DOLLY BOW BOW    Top – H&M    Leggings – Miss Guided    Shoes – Ebay    
Sunglasses – Ok so my boyfriend just isn’t getting these back unless he buys me some raybans, sorry baby!
I have been so back dated with pretty clothes to show  you that I didn’t even realise how long it had been since I’d shown you a MOTEL ROCKS installment, and on checking out their NEW ARRIVALS  I think I almost wept at the beauty that met my eyes ha-ha, so please for the love of all things clothing related, check it out NOW!!
This bag that I’m wearing is actually part of my other Romwe bag and I thought it looked like the American Apparel Medium leather zip clutch I’ve been lusting after for months, but won’t order because I’m impatient and AA delivery times SUCK!!!
Now I’m gonna bug you again but I don’t know how I’ve managed it but I am currently in second place in the WILDFOX : TAKE 10 competition, which includes 10 of the biggest and most influential bloggers I know…which is just mental considering I’ve only been doing this a matter of months! 
I was ready to give up yesterday until some much needed support and motivation was provided by my friends, 
So basically what I’m saying is I literally would be FOREVER in debt to you (more so than I already am) if you could just make two tiny clicks of your mouse


and then LIKING the photo (only if you actually do like it though) because I genuinely cannot believe the support I have had from everyone that has got me to second place!
Have some fun in the sun today 🙂
p.s. STILL LOTS OF PIECES FOR SALE ON THE BLOG SHOP BUT ITS GOING FAST (Posting almost 10 items off today) So to pick up some items CLICK HERE

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