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9th November 2011 Outfits

I wish I had wedge…

Good evenin’ beauties!
Sorry there has been another two day gap in my postings but the most beautiful man in the world arrived home on Monday…No sorry not Brad Pitt, Sorry just my boyfriend. So I’ve been spending a bit of quality time with him on. So far we’ve had a meal of Fish & Chips with mushy pea’s then last night we did the food shop (he’s Italian and not as happy as I am at living on cheese on toast and supernoodles), then today we did a bit of shopping and when I say we, I mean ME ha-ha now we’re going to watch Mr & Mrs Smith….God we sound boring don’t we? but I promise you we’re not…I don’t think?….we’re heading out on a double date tomorrow to the comedy night at Momo’s which I am so excited about. But due to the fact that he is here and my beautiful bedroom has been invaded by man-stuff I am unable to do the outfit post of my new coat that I wanted to do, I promise to do it as soon as I have regained my bedroom.

Today I got invited on facebook to join my soon to be sister in laws new business venture My Crystal Couture where she basically makes boring old items such a shoes and phone cases into crystalized works of art. Now I’ve seen many a page like this but few use the genuine Swarovski crystals like she does, plus the designs that she produces and the attention to detail is PHENOMENAL, I still have no idea how she gets them so perfect. I cannot wait for the pair of shoes that I am getting for Christmas and the best part is, I get to chose the style and colour of the shoes along with whichever colour crystals….aghhhh decisions decisions!! She is also in talks with a certain popular reality TV show…so make sure you like the page to keep up to date.

I think this will be the design I choose for my Christmas prezzie, LOOOOVE!

Also have been window shopping on the Love Label online store….is it wrong that I want EVERY SINGLE ONE of these dresses….does any one fancy buying them for me….you’d make me one seriously happy camper…. I’d pay in cheese on toast??

All Avaliable @
So if you do want to order any of them for me…..that’s where you go….:)

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