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20th November 2011 Outfits

I like my dresses short and my nights long



Dress – George at Asda sale
Fur Stole – New Look
Leaf Necklace – Miss Selfridge Sale
Head band – TkMaxx
Bag – Mulberry
Fox Tail bag charm – Ebay
Boots – Melody Direct (telephone order only)

(I apologise for the creases, but I’m not perfect ha ha)


So I went all out with this outfit you got the bedroom wall and the back garden don’t you all feel spesh? I found this little dress (I say little but its actually a size 14) when I went to buy cigarettes from Asda, it was on the sale rail for £8 right next to the door, they must have seen me coming the cheeky s**ts! Now I know my latest must have item has gone from the bow to the fur stole but they are just so snuggly and have such a huge impact on what otherwise would be a fairly simple outfit. I also know I tend to re work items from other outfits into new ones and I do stick to a particular style (i.e. you will never catch me in a pair of jeans, I just do not feel comfortable in them and I’m rarely seen without one of my Mulberry bags) I’m a tights and leggings girl through and through, But my blog isn’t about wearing a different outfit every day, its about the versatility of items and making do with what you have, I especially love screwing around and cutting up my clothes to bring them into new trend.
I also started at Miss Selfridge today, only as a Christmas temp but money’s money and discount is discount lol. I always forget how much of an impact working in a fashion store has on my style so I’m happy to be back in my habitat.
I need to get some uni work done asap so may have to stick to quick outfit posts for a little while…although I know thats highly unlikely ha-ha!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend….

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