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7th June 2017 Beauty


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This post is in collaboration with ELEMIS.


The title "Blogger" has to be one of the most underrated careers of the moment. Children everywhere now aspire to be the next "Top" blogger, if there even is such a thing, whilst completely underestimating the sheer workload it involves. It is to be noted, the career is definitely not without it's perks, it is so very easy to let your passion, love and dedication to it, consume you and before long, you come crashing back to earth with a giant thud.

We became what we are today through our credibility, something which takes years to build and my blog has never been about painting a picture of nothing but rainbows and ponies. Whilst there are moments that take your breath away it is so very easy to push yourself to the brink. For me, that reared it's ugly head in April of this year. Oh Lydia, when will you learn?

It is all quite a blur but from what I remember, 6 flights, 5 Youtube videos, 4 blog posts, 3 photo shoots and a festival of a lifetime happened. Oh and did I mention I'm planning a wedding and selling my home too?

But that isn't all that happens as a blogger, theres more that goes on behind the scenes, 100+ emails per day, invoicing, accounts, paying invoices, lining up meetings, editing, planning future campaigns and shoots, scheduling and all the while some how maintaining an actual LIFE. Well the latter certainly didn't happen and I had a bit of a slump following what was a whirlwind of amazingness all at once.

Some days, I was too tired to shower, some days I may have had a little cry at how I could only hack that much when there are girls who spend every waking second somewhere new, and some days I just stared at the computer screen not knowing where to start.


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When people start telling you, you need to slow down. Chances are it's already written all over your face. I had to give myself some time to recuperate and stop beating myself up about not going to the gym or ordering pizza for the second time this week.



I started by creating a space, as much as I could, that didn't stress me out anymore. If you watch my vlogs you'll already know I'm a fairly highly strung when it comes to organising my clothes and beauty products. I'm constantly yabbering on about it and when my office becomes over ran by new products, packaging and equipment, I can't work like that. So I took some tips from Monica Beatrice, once I'd organised my way through the mess. I bought fresh flowers, I lit a Calm candle from the ELEMIS LIFE ELIXIRS collection and I sat in fresh clean comfy clothes before I tried to do anything.

The power of essential oils is incredible and it's something I have been fascinated by since I was tiny. My mum used to harp on about it all the time but because of the way she was, I thought it was all a bit "new age hippie" for me. As I learned more about myself over the years, I realised that my environment, my space was a huge part of my well being and creating a space where I felt comfortable, calm and safe was always paramount. If I haven't got space to light a candle when I'm travelling, the ELEMIS Calm perfume oil is a great way to bring an element of calm wherever I may be in the world which has been independently proven to leave you feeling relaxed and tranquil, even breathing it in once is enough to transform your mood.



I tend to be a bit of a "do a bit of this, do a bit of that" kind of person when I'm tired and unfocused. The magic of planning your day out in a realistic fashion really is just that, magic. Instead of trying to do it all, all at once before lunch time, I'm able to spread out my day with an end goal in site so as not to over whelm myself with the back log which has accumulated over the time I have been away.


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"I am fiercely independent." how many times have you heard me utter those words? I'm so proud of my independence, but yet it can also be a bit excessive and I recognise that. I don't have to do it all myself, all of the time and never more so than now. I think it is about finding people you trust to be able to help you that is important. I'm forever learning more and more about trust as I grow up but it's importance when letting your guard down and letting someone into your world, especially in my line of work, is priceless. So there may be some new faces knocking around this neck of the woods, sometime soon.



I only recently learnt what FOMO was and after I had finished laughing, I realised I had been suffering with it for so long. The Fear Of Missing Out. When in actual fact you will be just fine not doing it all every night for the entire month and beyond.

Instead I've learnt to say no and take time out. You don't have to do every trip and you don't have to be at every event. Sometimes it's far more fun to snuggle under a blanket with you cat.



and only when you are ready, jump back on that horse and don't forget the goals you have your sights on.

How do you deal with life after a stressful time? I'd love to know what you do to get back on track, let me know in the comments below.







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