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25th April 2016 Outfits

How to Develop Your Own Style

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s one piece of feedback that I’ve been receiving lately that always leaves me grinning proudly from ear to ear. It’s almost like a compliment for me because I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time and energy to it’s development, and  it’s my style. Now I’m not just talking about the fabrics and accessories I decide to drape over my body each morning but more so  my style as a whole, from writing to photography, to fashion and to editing, it appears that I’ve created a continuity to my online presence that means my content is easily identifiable amongst all of the incredible content put out online today, well it is should you be familiar with little old me and my white obsession.

But this all got me thinking about what components I had subconsciously curated to enable this running theme and how you implement this across your online presence.



There’s a reason why the likes on Instagram have changed the face of social media online. Pictures really do speak a thousand words, they communicate so much more than many of us are able to communicate. In fact for someone who isn’t a gifted writer or linguist, as much as I am constantly trying to get better, my photography enabled me to speak the words that I could not.

When shooting I am constantly evaluating and re evaluating the natural light on offer that day, here in England it really isn’t the best but I rely on it to create the most fundamental aspect of my style, that light and airy whimsical feeling to my images. Sometimes I honestly want to throw it all in and give up on my white aesthetic but I simply don’t know any different and am not able to create the same continuity using filtered images. It’s engrained within me.

But a great way to create continuity without painting yourself into a perfectly lit, Instagram friendly white corner, really is just that, filters. Done right they create a story that never ends, from your first Instagram post to your most recent blog post. Filters can be carried across all social channels with photo editing software on our phones being so technological these days, we basically have Photoshop on our home screens. So whether you’re snapping something on the go, or finalising a beautiful editorial you can keep the story of YOU constantly flowing.



I really champion those who own their individuality. And I don’t just mean the good things that make you an individual, I mean the things that simply make you, you! It can be anything from a nervous laugh that you have no idea you are doing to sharing the difficulties you have with expressing yourself on your blog. I find it’s so easy now a days for those who are good at something such as writing or photography, to look down on those who it doesn’t necessarily come easy to, and I’ve got to be honest that really irks me. Whether you know the different contexts for your and you’re or  you put a capital letter where you shouldn’t, that really is all part of who you are as an individual. Sure it may not impress everyone, but I’m impressed by people who try even when they find something difficult, I’m impressed by people who step the hell out of their comfort zones and I’m impressed by people who don’t let negative people dampen their drive. So be sure to own you’re spelling mistakes and everything else that makes you an individual because you never know who you might be inspiring.



If you are thinking or starting a fashion blog or having fashion and personal style as an element of your blog then this will obviously give your little space on the internet a little style regardless. But this will create a tone within your content that will follow through all of your platforms whether your style is high end glam, retro finds or real rock & roll vibes.

But this style can obviously change and will evolve, just because you are head to toe in Primark today, doesn’t mean that will be the case in 6 months or a years time. I look back at some of the outfits, brands and items I wore and laugh out loud as I try to decipher what was going through my mind at that exact point. But taking risks and experimenting really is key in the development and evolution of your style. So I stand by those disco Pants and salute them in the name of my own Style evolution, ha!



Fearlessness is something that I find myself coming back to time and time again at the moment, if you want to read the full post you can find it here.

But you really do have to have an element of fearlessness, or otherwise known as balls to hone and establish your own style without fear of what anyone else says or thinks. I see indirects everywhere, I receive indirects myself every day and they will happen everywhere every day whether you do what you love or not so my advice is to ignore it all, silence those voices, blocking, unfollowing and muting are little gifts sent from our internet gods, and be brave in who you are, what you love and how you love doing it.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhotography by Ali Gordon with the Olympus Pen E-PL7 & 75mm Lens.

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