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9th November 2015 Outfits

How to choose the perfect designer wardrobe Staples

2 1 The heart and soul of my style has always been luxury accessories. Whilst at University I worked 3 jobs to still be able to afford the handbags I desired and always ensured each purchase was carefully considered and thoroughly budgeted for. The items that I chose would be the icing to my fashionable cake except the cake could be many flavours and the icing needed to compliment each as perfectly as the last. One day I might wear bright colours, the next a head to toe black number meaning the accessories I chose needed to transition perfectly.

In having a need for such diverse accessories I soon developed a checklist to guarantee I never regretted a single purchase.



The first aspect of any designer purchase I make is the hardware. Mostly the details of high end purchases are what make them so desirable and I champion metal detailing specifically when it comes to this point. A glint of gold can add an air of sophistication and class to an outfit where as silver can add a minimal, slightly rock chic edge; think the gilded buttons of a perfectly tailored peacoat or the cold silver hardware on a butter soft leather jacket.

Considering the hardware which resonates with your style most is key to getting the most wear of of your designer purchase.

No. 2


Designers are constantly releasing beautiful pieces and they come in an array of colours, patterns, skins and designs and whilst they are all very tempting, if you are wanting to get the most out of your purchase it’s good to stick within a certain colour pallet to ensure this. Now I don’t think you need me to tell you how versatile the colour black is, it’s fail safe, sophisticated and classy in the most simplest of ways, but there are a number of other colours which are equally as versatile. Nude, tan, grey, biege, navy and other neutral tones all work really well with the vast majority of outfits and if you want something a little bit more special there are different textures and skins you can experiment with.

No. 3


Most designers have a classic piece of style which features almost every season in their collection, think the Chloe ‘Susanna” boots or a Chanel Classic Flap handbag. So if you are wanting an item that never goes out of style it’s best to stick with a timeless piece or style that can be worn whatever the trend or season.

No. 4

Setting budgets is a great way of narrowing product down and also ensuring you don’t land yourself in hot water. I tend to have a comfort zone for spending when it comes to buying shoes which is different to the comfort zone I have when buying handbags. It even goes as far as differing comfort zones for brands, where I might spend a little more out of my comfort zone for designers like Chanel or Saint Laurent because of how timeless their collections usually are.

No. 5


A great way of ensuring you get maximum wear out of your purchase is to style up as many outfits as possible either in your head or simply pulling images from the internet. Using your existing wardrobe, you can see how much you would wear the designer purchase along side your current favourite pieces that you already own. It can easily be the deciding factor in which style makes it to checkout.

This post is in collaboration with Farfetch however, you know how I feel about them :).

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Handbag – Saint Laurent via Farfetch     Jumper – Karen Millen     Skirt – Old      Boots – Chloe     Watch – Paul Hewitt     Sunglasses – Celine     Tights – M&S


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