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8th February 2016 Outfits

How To Be More Organised Everyday

HW1_c HW1_e HW1_b HW1_a HW1_dHW1_fLife has no manual and sometimes you’ve just got to figure stuff out for yourself. Wherever I go, whatever I’m doing I like to absorb the never ending flow of knowledge, I don’t ever want to stop learning from those around me. From note taking techniques to always keeping my diary up to date, I’ve developed an process for organisation that serves me ever so well.


[lem_title]Plan Life[/lem_title]

Having a plan of action for each day, week & month is incredible important for me. I need structure and a fair bit of certainty to be able to be as proactive as possible with each task, collaboration or meeting that comes my way so I plan for it. I bought myself a smart little agenda from Louis Vuitton to kick off 2016 with and I use it as my Life/Blog/Everything planner. Blog post ideas that catch me by surprise or that dinner date with my bestfriend that is long over due, it all goes in there and I always know whats ahead.


[lem_title]Be Proactive[/lem_title]

If you’ve made a plan for the day then you know what needs to be done. As hard as it is to ignore whats going on in the world, online or on Netflix, put it all to one side and focus. I set myself realistic goals for each day depending on what area I’m focusing on. If I’m at home shooting blog posts I aim for 3 to be shot and edited for the week a head and if all goes to plan, these days I have time to film a video or two as well. Being proactive means your work load doesn’t build up and send your spiralling into disorganisation, so staying on top of things will really help.


[lem_title]Everything Has it’s place[/lem_title]

This is one of the many things that Ali has taught me in our time together. He really is the most organised person when it comes to knowing where things are because everything has it’s place, where as I was always losing keys, purses and god knows what else and to be perfectly honest when I’ve had a stressful day I still do. But when I’m on the ball I know exactly where everything is and it really does enable me to be so much more efficient with my time. Handbag packed with the essentials, favourite coat where I left it and keys where they should be.



One thing I am extremely good at if I do say so myself, is decluttering. It drives me crazy if my house feels cluttered, messy and claustrophobic. We bought the house that we could when Ali and I moved in together two years ago now  but we made it the best that it could be, ensuring it feels as light and airy as possible. This means good storage is essential to hide away the unsightly. But whether it’s an over flowing lipstick draw or one too many coats, I am ruthless in my quest for a bright and breezy home. This also plays a huge factor in being organised though, because less clutter means less time spent finding things and you are less likely to lose things in the first place.



Technology makes my life a whole lot easier as well. Smart phones & watches have burst into our lives with push notifications and alerts for everything as well as keeping me connected when I’m not in my office. I can dictate e-mails, reply to comments, write blog posts on my wrist or on my phone meaning I’m always working efficiently wherever I am. I am the kind of person who embraces every technological innovation with open arms and waits with baited breath to experience first hand the impact it will have on my working life.


I’m always aiming to improve my efficiency and organisation so I would love to know your own tips and tricks for always being proactive.


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Images by Mark Chilvers

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