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23rd December 2016 Outfits


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This is an open letter to the girl I spotted at the petrol 3 years ago. I still remember how effortlessly beautiful you looked stepping out of your 4x4. Your hair was tied in the most perfectly imperfect bun on top of your naturally sunkissed head. Wearing not an inch of make-up and what can only be described as a glorified gym kit, I couldn't not stare.You were the most naturally beautiful woman I had probably seen in the flesh and in those few fleeting moments you altered my perception of what beauty was.


"Beauty is a glow that can't be bought. It's a light in the heart and a natural aura that cannot be achieved no matter how hard you "slay your highlight"."


Beauty is a glow that can't be bought. It's a light in the heart and a natural aura that cannot be achieved no matter how hard you "slay your highlight". Beauty is bare faced and effortless. Beauty is unaware and unfiltered.

But unfortunately for me, I am not the girl in the petrol station from 3 years ago. I don't look quite as cute in a pair of leggings and my  boyfriends old t-shirt. Mostly, I'm asked if I'm tired or under the weather when I do dare to bare my face and my perfectly imperfect bun tends to ends up nothing more than a perfect mess, But I've really learnt to love the things about myself that make me, me! However there are those days where I can't be bothered to put much effort in and I struggle even more to put the effort into myself, I'm really not left with much choice to be perfectly honest with you, but there are a few little hacks that can make the best of a bad situation.

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The hair tuck has saved me from many a bad hair day over the years but even on the days when all is not so bad and you are simply just being lazy when it comes to making an effort the Hair tuck gives you a chic effortless vibe. Also great if the perfectly imperfect bun doesn't work for you either, I'm not bitter about it, I swear.



The simple sneaker has come a long way over the years. No longer are they just for the active amongst us. Nike now offers Sportluxe and Premium designs to mean you can remain casual and well put together at all times. This pair from the Nike Premium collection made waves on my youtube channel and continue to do so in every day life for me. Dressed up with a good quality blazer and some leather trousers Tailored Sportluxe is my saving grace right now.



It's not easy to impress the Granddaughter of a Saville Row Tailor. I used to watching my Nonno work in the top room of their London home from before I could even walk. So to say I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to tailoring is one I'm more than happy to let slide. The impact of a well cut jacket is enough to make you hold your head up, walk a little taller and tackle life on even the most CBA kind of days.


What is your Easy Style hacks for the days when you CBA?


This post is in sponsored collaboration with NIKE.

Photography Ali Gordon.








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