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30th January 2020


Tonights video over on my youtube channel *shameless plug* is a little different as I’ve been going back and forth in my mind over my feelings with regards to fashion recently and I’ve been having a hard time making sense of it all. Basically I just keep feeling like I can’t keep up with it all, You know? If its not the new Bottega shoes, its the Prada boots and if its not the Prada boots its the new LV Multi pochette, you know what I’m talking about, those must have items that explode into the fashion world and end up so exclusive that even thinking about owning them leaves you feeling shamed let alone walking into store and having the balls to actually ASK for them! Oh yes, I remember the time I walked into Chanel naively thinking I could just “Pop in” and pick up the newest Pearl covered bag in time for brunch LOL, the sales assistant practically laughed me out the front door.

But being serious now, its all a bit over whelming isn’t it? especially when you’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for it like I have time and time again and then find yourself standing back one day in your bursting wardrobe thinking “What even is all this stuff?”. I had a stern word with myself in early 2019 and I definitely think I’ve improved over the last year when it comes to falling for the buzz around trend pieces, although to be fair to myself and everyone who actually did get their hands on that Pearl Chanel bag, you’re good honey! That isn’t going anywhere fast!  However, one piece in particular does stick out in my mind though and it made me want to be even better in 2020 because, quite honestly, your girl is tired. I’m looking at you Bottega.

This is basically my long and rambley way of saying, I don’t want to be the kind of girl who only wears an outfit once, its not what I aspire to be and its not what I’m inspired by so this is how I plan to be better, do better and dress better in 2020.



I took a long hard look at my accessories collection last week and I didn’t like what I saw, 50 handbags and I have no idea how many shoes, I probably wear a handful of them. I could easily see the ones I bought in the height of a trend, worn for a few weeks or months and gone back to my classics. But just one look at the handles of my Nude Lady Dior and the difference is startling, its lovingly worn a little on the seams despite me trying to take the best care of it. I guess it adds character now but the point is, its loved and its still loved and I want to feel that way about more of my wardrobe. I frantically dug all my handbags out and covered my centre island with them all. I frantically sold 6 handbags on the first day not giving myself time to change my mind, I decided I’d allow myself to buy 3 higher priced, classic bags with what I made. On the second day I sold 4 more and 3 pairs of shoes too, it felt good. That was the start of The Purge, its probably going to take a while to work my way through it all but now I know what I’m working towards and what I’m not I think its going to be easier from here on out to make better choices and now allowing trends to influence my every purchase.




I think the biggest pressures I come up against come from who I choose to follow online and then not being able to differentiate between their style and mine. Every creator has their place, whether its the high street haul lover or the ‘It’ girl changing 7 times between Fashion week shows, inspiration comes in many forms. For me, fashion month is one of my biggest sources of inspiration but unfortunately its also behind some of my worst impulse fashion purchases and identifying my trigger has been freeing. I’m now able to appreciate the creativity that surrounds fashion month without getting lost in the seemingly endless street style images and new ‘must-have’ items. But as well as Following Better I need to be a Better Follow and practice what I damn preach so I want to be less worried about posting the same outfits or items, in fact I want to actually highlight just how much wear I’m getting from my wardrobe because the only way to change attitudes towards fashion, is too be the change, without getting too “inspo-quotey” but you get what I mean.




I’m not great with colour, I think we’ve established that. It’s not that I don’t want to be, I actually do, I love seeing a fiery red dress and often think how fierce I’ll feel wearing it, only to thud rather quickly back to earth once I actually try it on and feel all kinds of weird discomfort. As much as I try, its just not me and accepting that is another factor in not making mistakes. This doesn’t mean I wont try different things, and experiment with my style but I’m not going to push it. If it doesn’t feel right from the word go, it isn’t right and the only place its going is back to the shop it came from.




I also need to be realistic with myself that I’m never going to be flawless, I’m going to make mistakes, I’m going to buy items that i’m utterly convinced are classics only to not wear them as much as I thought I would, or even not wear them at all. There will be items that get worn to death in Summer and probably don’t see the light of day in Winter and there will be times when I fall hook line and sinker for a fleeting trend. But I’m going to try harder to find the items that are really worth spending more on to get more out of.



Are you thinking about making better choices with your fashion? Do you have any tips you can share? If so let me know in the comments below.

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