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18th June 2015 Beauty

Hair Updated – From Henna Black to Beachy Brown

LL2 LL6 dung2 LL3 Dung1 LL1 LL5 dung3 LL4I’ve gone to write this post so many times over the passed few months, but every time I feel like the team at Neville have achieved the goal I set them, of completely colour correcting my badly over dyed and colour clogged hair, another appointment swings by and I’m floored by what they manage to achieve.

I had my most recent appointment just after I returned from Greece, where I learnt a lot about how to care for my new hair. I learnt that I now need to actually care for my hair in the sun because otherwise I return from a trip with hair that resembles straw and find myself feeling quite hot and bothered when standing so close to people on the tube, that they might catch a glimps of my straw-like split ends. In fact my hair was so dry and damaged from the sun and sea that my hair guru (and top colourist at Neville) dropped me a little DM suggesting I pop in for a little refresh. I left with the most gorgeous head of golden balayage highlights and grown out bangs that I’d ever seen. To me my colour was complete, but no doubt Despina will blow my mind yet again when I next visit. But the main thing I wanted to tell you about was a new system Despina used when colouring my hair this last time, called Olaplex.

I didn’t ask questions, I trust them so much that they literally could do whatever they want to my hair and I know I’ll love it so I just let them get on with it. I immediately noticed how soft my hair was after my usual bouncy blowdry but your hair tends to feel amazing when its had well trained hands all over it. Give it a few weeks of normality and it can get a little dry. However not now, not this time and definitely not 4 days in to my current vacay.

Within 2 days of being in Greece my hair was in an awful state but here I am over half way through a working holiday to Mallorca and my hair is as smooth as silk. So much so that part of me thinks that this product needs to be part of the standard procedure when lightening hair, to avoid damage. Olaplex basically reconnects the broken bonds which occur when permanently colouring hair resulting in hair as strong and healthy as virgin hair. Honestly, I thought it was gonna be a bit of a gimmick but feeling my hair after it’s been through over 24hours of bleaching over the passed 5 months to reach this point, it’s healthy living proof that this product works.

I’ve learned a lot about hair dressing since I started visiting Neville, I learnt that there are people who become hair dressers for work, and there are people who become hair dressers for Passion and finding yourself one of the latter is key.

If you are interested in Colour correction, booking in at Neville or wanting to know more about Olaplex you can talk to their amazing team on this number;(0) 20 7235 3654  or  by visiting their website


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