gym wear to help you fall in love with fitness

16th January 2024
I’m a big believer that beautiful gym wear can help you fall in love with fitness!

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I’m sure I’m not the first person to remind you that January is a great time to revisit your relationship with health and fitness.

Be it that you want to start walking more this year, get stronger or join a local fitness class, I find myself thinking about ways to improve my health and wellbeing throughout the month and often find that it’s one of the most successful times to introduce new habits.

With that in mind, given that 1) I’m often asked about my fitness routine in January and 2) having incentives in place is proven to help us to stick to our new habits (I can thank ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear for that one) I thought I’d share my favourite gym wear for the various types of exercise I do, should you find yourself needing a little incentive to start prioritising exercise!

From my favourite yoga and pilates wear to the best gym wear for weight training, running or HIIT, if you’re anything like me, these brands will have you looking forward to your next work out!

Best for yoga and pilates… Adanola

When I’m craving yoga or pilates (or doing absolutely nothing!) Adanola’s sets do no wrong in my eyes. The fabric is luxuriously smooth and skims across the contours of your body. It doubles up as perfect loungewear for that reason, too.



Best for high intensity… Gymshark

On the days that my PT surprises me with a high intensity workout, I’m always grateful when I’ve got my Gymshark sports bra and leggings on (Specifically, their Vital Seamless 2.0 range). They’re functional, supportive and (importantly when you’re sweating) breathable – the perfect combination when you’re in the mood to sweat it all out.




Best for running… TALA

Nothing jiggles in TALA (!) so for me, they’re my go-to when I want to go for a run or train with weights. They hold you in without feeling like you’ve been vacuum packed! Their black leggings have kept me company on many a dog walk, too.




Best for colour ways… Adanola

It’s like Adanola read my mind when they created the colour ways for their entire range because they are all, quite simply, the dreamiest seasonal shades! I find it hard to believe that anyone could find fault with them! At this time of year, I gravitate towards their earthy olive, pine green and midnight blue sets but let’s face it, they’re all beautiful. I’d love to hear what your favourite colours are.




Best trainers for general exercise… APL

I was initially skeptical of APL’s lack of laces (would they be tight enough? Would they be too tight? etc…) but I’ve been wearing them since September ’21 and haven’t looked back since. So much so that I now own three pairs (black, grey and white) and wear them for the vast majority of my indoor workouts.


Best trainers for running… Hoka

Given that local runs take me from muddy trails and fields to winding pavements and roads, I wanted a trainer that could support me on various terrain! Hokas do exactly that. Lightweight, flexible with added cushioning for comfort, they provide the extra spring in your step that comes in handy when you’re starting to flag!


Looking for beautiful loungewear instead? Take a look at my current favourites here…

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