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27th May 2015 Beauty

Get a Summer Glow with one product

There are times when I’ve thought to myself, “Lydia just embrace your natural skin colour” and I enjoy a break from regularly tanning my skin. Then an important event will crop up and I find myself back to my old habits. I then look back at pictures where i’ve decided to embrace the pale and vow never to make such a stupid mistake again.

I’ve always been a sun worshiper, my Mum is exactly the same, I just love the feeling of the heat on my skin. But whether I’m sunbathing on holidays, taking a course of sunbeds or using a fake tanner my face is always the first place to lose the tan. That is if it ever actually gets a tan, it can’t just be me that finds it near impossible to get any kind of colour on their chops?


Well this is the product to safe me from my pale faced problems. It’s no secret that I’m a Bondi Sands girl through and through ( and anything else that will make me feel even slightly like Tash Oakley) so I almost knew I’d be a fan of the Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk from their range which hit SuperDrug stores this Spring.

It’s smell isn’t over powering or offensive which is a little pet peeve of mine when it comes to moisturisers as a whole and it has a light milky texture rather than creamy so it doesn’t feel heavy on your face. After an hour or two I generally start to see the subtle effects which bring a light golden olive glow to my face.

Right now I’m loving this product for simply keeping my face the same colour as my body after my trip to Greece which was Swiftly followed by a Bank Holiday in Ibiza. It’s always the first place to fade!

I also like to use this to keep me looking alive when I head to the gym make up free. It really is amazing what a little glow can do for your face on those au natural morning workouts.



Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk available at SuperDrug

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