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30th July 2012 Outfits


The Bevy Leggings – C/O  LOVELYSALLY    Rings – C/O DIXI    Healing Bracelets – C/O STELLA AMORE     Top – Primark    Shoes – eBay    Bag – Select    Sunglasses – Stolen off the boyfriend 🙂
aaaaand that my dears, marks the end of my first ever break from blogging!
Sorry about not really giving a heads up but I’ve been one sick puppy along with Graduation I just needed to chill for a while. I also felt that my blog had kinda lost its focus with all the drama going down on planet LEM.
 Now it’s time to begin the catch up on all the beautiful items I have to show you and first off I’ve got another installment of badass leggings from LOVELYSALLY, this brand make my day to day leg attire a lil’ more exciting seeing as I really am completely anti jeans!
I picked up this top in Primark the other day after spying the amazing new mens basics they had. It took them a little longer to bring the new womens basics in but WOW have they improved, the quality and fit is seriously impressive.
And finally, loadsa people contact me about this bag so the lovely people from select have FINALLY restocked so grab it HERE for the bargain price of £15
Lots more posts coming I hope your all still out there 🙂 …..
P.S. a HUUUGE congrats to all the bloggers nominated for the Cosmo blog awards, now make sure you vote for my faves FASHION FADE and THE LITTLE MAGPIE  that’s not a suggestion…that’s an ORDER! xxx

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