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19th October 2011 Style

Feeling thrifty

So I was sat at home doing Uni work yesterday and got this sudden urge to visit Northamptons handful of vintage stores as it had been far too long since my last visit.

My loot! all vintage except shoes which are from Melody

My first stop was Klassy Klobber down one of the backstreets in town, I visited this store before I went out to Ibiza this summer and was extremely unimpressed seeing the likes of Warehouse and Wallis in a bladdy vintage shop especially when the shop its self is so beautiful. But this time was a different story…the stock they had was right up my street, even down to the vintage inspired tea dresses by MINA, as I found their style complimented the genuine vintage items they had. I fell in love with a stunning black faux fur Gilet as I’d had my eye on the H&M blue fur one for around £40 in stock at the moment but this vintage piece was made for me and at £14 I was happy little shopper, I also spotted a beautiful ethnic style necklace that will look perfect with some of my chunky knits this winter.
Then I headed to Trashy Flowers which is or should I say WAS my absolute favorite….only to find it had closed down in the months I was away, sad face!!!
So off I went to Scrooge, a fabulous treasure chest near the race course. It was my first visit although I have driven past on many occasions, making a mental note to visit and then completely forgetting 5 seconds later. This shop is MY kind of shop, every square inch of floor is occupied by vintage apparel from Burberry Macs to Bally shoes, I could have spent hours in there…Now that I think about it….I actually did haha and walked out with a silver bangle, white cape collared shirt,  beaded clutch and a hot pink mohair jumper. I had an extremely fruitful day.

Me in my vintage jumper! I teamed it with black tights and my new leopard wedges mmmm

Today I got the fabulous news that I would get an exchange for my faulty Hudson boots from Circus Northampton….this being good news as I have noticed this shop is notoriously difficult when dealing with anything other than selling. The story of these boots is as follows….I bought them a year and a half ago and after a month the front seam ripped so I took them back and again it took a few days to be told they’d give me a new pair. Then when I got to Ibiza this summer I noticed that there was two rips on the front and then afew days later, BAM more rips…Luckily I kept the receipt (I keep ALL my receipts religiously) but they put it down to wear and tear initially but after I kicked up a bit of a fuss they agreed to exchange them.
There was NO way in hell I’d get another pair of Hudsons as everyone I know whose bought some has had problems. I so swapped them for some gorgeous Dr Denim Jeggings, Vivienne westwood for Melissa tassel booties and some Vivienne Westwood earrings.

Been getting a great response from my blog these last few days, so just wanted to say a big thank you to all the people taking the time to read my ramblings, to the beautiful shops I get to go to and my lovely new iPhone 4S for its camera!!

Lydia xx

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