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31st October 2016 Outfits


DSC06013 DSC05982Its not you, its me!

I’m struggling.

Blogging is all I have ever known within this industry. It’s where it all began and yet I’m sure it doesn’t go unnoticed that content has become a lot less regular around here for the last few months. It’s not because I’m not working hard enough, contrary to popular belief my content has never been about quantity, putting out any old posts or scraping the bottom of the barrel for whatever content I can muster up. I have always been painfully critical of my content, I never think it is good enough but I continue to work at it and try to get better with every step. I’m not a gifted writer or photographer but what I do have is vision and I feel immense frustration when I am unable to make my vision materialise. And frustration is exactly what I have been feeling for the last few months.


“I’m restless, bored and utterly uninspired therefore something has to change.”


Frustration at my content, at my abilities, at my progress, frustration at the injustices which continually occur within the blogging space, but more so, I just feel an overwhelming sense of feeling utterly uninspired by blogging as a whole, that I haven’t been able to ignore it.


So I took a step back, took off the rose tinted sunglasses I was wearing, critiqued the shit out of everything I was doing. I noted down what I didn’t like anymore, I didn’t listen to my own hype, I looked at the flaws and laid them bare in front of myself so that I couldn’t bury my head in the sand any longer.


There needed to be some changes, some differentiation and more importantly some evolution.


So right now, that is what I’m doing.

DSC06018 DSC05986 DSC05968
DSC05970I am currently sat on my office floor.

My legs are crossed, there are notes, clippings, articles, drawings, ideas, both good and down right awful and there are parts of me, all strewn over the carpet as I type this.


So I guess what I’m trying to say is, there might be some changes around here over the next few days, weeks, months. I’m not totally sure what they will be just yet, but this certainly isn’t about “re-branding” or “re-launching” more than anything, its just about finding myself again.


I want to fall back in love with doing this, I want to regain spontaneity, creativity and most importantly my identity. I’m restless, bored and utterly uninspired therefore something has to change.


“its just about finding myself again.”


So I hope that you are going to enjoy the next step in this 5 year long journey so far, I mean as D:Ream once said “Things can only get better!” so I’m excited to embark on the unknown.





If there is anything at all you have ever wanted to see here, no matter how small or big they might be, no matter how silly you think they might seem. I want to know, even if you write me a long winded e-mail or a little comment below, your feedback is everything.











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