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12th December 2011 Outfits

Everything Faded To Black


Hat – Dunnes
Coat(igan) – Select
Necklace – Topman
Roll neck jumper – Primark
Shoes – Melody Direct
Bag – Mulberry

I have no idea how many days it was since I posted last but I apologise none the less, Uni has been killing me slowly but I’m almost there now so found the time to FINALLY get some snaps of this “Coatigan” I grabbed from Select. However, I wasn’t as much of a bargain hunter as I usually am with this one, although I still got 15% student discount off the original £45 I went back in a few weeks later to see it was now £25 in the sale….I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!! But I genuinely never envisaged this bad boy going into sale, its so beautiful and whenever I wear it people genuinely steal it off my back, if only for a couple of minutes ha-ha!
It doesn’t really bother me though because she’s served me ever so well throughout Autumn  that I couldn’t have waited for her.
I wore this outfit today but after a quick nicotine break I realised I did not have enough layers on underneath so piled them on plus my new black £3.50 hat from Dunnes and off I went….the “Wang” boots were in the bag in case of a comfort crisis though!

So how’s about the X factor last night huh? Was everyone as happy as I was to see The Little Muffins win in the end? Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen my serial postings throughout, So I admitt I may have got a little over excited but I have genuinely fallen in love with the entire group over the series (minus all the crying and handful of serious wardrobe misjudgments) that I think I would have been slightly let down had Marcus won.
I mean I’m most certainly not Tulisa’s biggest fan after working and meeting her a number of times but the world is in DIRE need of a girl band to remind everyone of the Girl Power that we felt back in 90’s. I say this because quite clearly, too many have forgotten…This became apparent after the winner was announced and all of a sudden status after status and tweet after tweet began appearing, ripping to shreds Jesy from Little Mix…If I’m honest I cannot even bring myself to repeat half of the stuff that I read, nor do I want to.
I personally do not understand why this happened, did every body miss the part WHEN SHE SANG? The girl has talent whether or not you find her attractive is irrelevant and certainly shouldn’t be something your voicing so publicly…remember those 1000 friends on facebook yeah? Needless to say I ended up removing a number of “friends” due to there disgraceful attempt at “humour” and that was the end of that. I only wish I could say the same for her but unfortunately shes going to have to deal with scum like that for the rest of her career. I want to give her a hug!

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