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18th November 2011 Outfits

Don’t stop dancing

I can’t believe it, I actually found myself being kindly asked to leave by the management due to lights being on and the music being off….yet I was still dancing! Personally I think it was the new shoes I got from, yes you’ve already guessed right, Melody in Northampton.
They aren’t a colour that I’d tend to be drawn to but with all the petrol greens and deep purples on the highstreet this season, I think that these will be extremely complimentary

and here are the little beauties

My feet didn’t hurt all night in them, they were so comfy and considering I pretty much danced all night this impressed me muchly, but the moment I stopped dancing and good my drunken be-hind out of Balestra all of a sudden those bad boys just had to come off…maybe I just didn’t realise they hurt because i was enjoying myself so much?? Anywho I’ve decided to outfit post what I wore last night as I got quite a few compliments aswell as random fools running off with my fur stole, it was funny the first time…by the 5th time my patience (theres not alot) had worn quite thin ha-ha!
Art Deco necklace – £1 – Charity Shop
Fur Stole – H&M
Green Silk top – Dunnes
Black 3/4 sleeve dress (worn underneith for added warmth) – Topshop
Faux Suede lace up boots – Melody Direct
Alexa Clutch – Mulberry


Also this week I got a fabulous e-mail from the team at AX Paris complimenting me on my blog and asking me if I’d like to collaborate with them on a monthly basis. I am so excited about this new feature of my blog and working with an established brand like AX Paris that I just couldn’t wait to tell you all (I know people on facebook are probably sick of hearing about it) So from now on expect to see an AX Paris outfit post once a month and if you haven’t already checked out their online store you can see click on it at the side of my blog >>>>>
or at the link above!
This acknowledgement has really given me a lot more confidence in my self and my abilities. I’m not the most talented person in the world and was always the first person to drop out of anything like ballet and beauty school (yes I really am a Beauty school drop out) but I’ve found something that I really enjoy doing and to be getting recognition for it means the world to me. I hope you guys are all still enjoying my rants and ramblings and if you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me on my Twitter @buyingtings or by E-mail [email protected] or making it really easy, just leave a comment below.
Me love you long time!!!!

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