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16th February 2015 Outfits

Closet Clearing

AL3 AL2 AL7 AL9 AL5AL4 AL1 AL8 AL10 AL6It’s coats like this one that make me curse every trip I’ve ever made to a Charity shop. OK that sounds worse than it is intended, bare with me.

Being a blogger, I accumulate clothes like its going out of fashion (I’m not very good at puns,but that one I’m quite proud of) I try to be ruthless, I give lots to Charity and even more to my friends. But it’s moment when your rummaging at the back of your wardrobe, mid clear out, and you stumble across a coat which you haven’t worn for over a year. In fact, You kinda forgot you had it. As you pull it from the hanger ready to toss among the other unwanted garments you stop and give it a second look.

“Ooo, it looks rather cosey!” 

“Why didn’t I wear it again?”

“Maybe I should try it on, you know, Just to be sure!”


I’m not sure how long it actually takes to try on a coat, but in those short seconds this coat swiftly went from “Cast off” to “Can’t live without”. It got me thinking about all those beautiful items that I didn’t give that second chance to. Is it healthy to think about clothes with this much emotional attachment? I feel there may be some underlying issues here haha!

So my new favourite coat and I spent some time running around London from meeting to meeting last week and it’s safe to say it’s getting quite serious again. I’m excited to see where this goes. But for now I’ve teamed it with the most perfect travelling handbag from Aspinal, no seriously this bag even charges your iPhone, true story. A beautiful (and budget friendly) watch from The Fifth Watches and some statement boots from Next. Admittedly I’m a little jealous about how they all go together so well, I mean who do those boots think they are?

Too much coffee today? Perhaps! Does anyone else get this emotionally attached to clothes? When is it too early to give something away? Can’t I just become a clothes hoarder and live happily ever after with all the shoes and bags forever and ever amen?



Jacket – sold out (similar herehere & here)     Bag – c/o Aspinal of London     Jumper – Reiss     boots – Sold out (similar here & here)     Sunglasses – Celine     Jeans – Freddywear     Watch – c/o The Fifth Watches

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