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16th December 2011 Outfits

Close your eyes and cut…


Necklace – Topshop
Dress – DIY H&M
Leather Jacket – Topshop boutique
Fur Stole – Asos
Shoes – Office via eBay
I think you should all know that I am now freeeeee from university for the christmas holidays…well kinda, I should really be doing dissertation but I may use my time in Verbier for that (obviously when I’m not skiing or snowboarding).
So seeing as I handed in all my assignments on Wednesday I felt it rude not to go out and celebrate but I had an absolute nightmare trying to find a dress, sent me the most beautiful dress the other day but I seriously couldn’t bring myself to wear it to a student night, it’s far too gorgeous for that so I took a little inspiration from it instead.
I came so close to spending £48 on a dress in Topshop that I didn’t really want, Until the brainwave came to me, I’d seen this dress in H&M for £14.99 which I can totally justify spending, but the length was AWFUL on me. After checking the hem of the layers I realised I could rectify this so off I went. I decided I was going to give the dress a “mini” drop back hem, which meant it could be as short as I like (I love a batty rider) in the front and then I’d be ok with the length in the back because it would make the dress a little bit quirky.
I didn’t really have time to measure and stuff so I just sorta grabbed the nearest white eye liner and drew a even line up to the point I felt the hem should sit, said a little prayer and cut.
I had visions of it going hideously wrong but I was pretty happy with the results….just not with the overall warmth factor of the dress ha-ha when did I become such an old woman??

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