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9th April 2012 Outfits

Cinderella did not facebook stalk Prince Charming

 Drop Back T-shirt – C/O CLUB COUTURE    Bag – C/O SELECT    Bird Skull Necklace – C/O BAD PASSION    Inverted Cross Necklace – C/O ROCK & ROSE    Blue Peace Sign and Skull bracelet – C/O WAVY JEWELLERY    Rams Skull Ring – C/O CUTIE PIE    Skirt – Primark     Belt – Vintage (my mums) Hat and Rings – H&M    Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Happy Easter Ya’ll!
Are you all nursing hangovers of the epic kind? N’awww sucks to be you’s, I’m fresh as a daisy as I had plans of old people kind, i.e. dinner, TV and him snoring on the sofa! In fact as you’re reading this I hope to be looking round some shops at some random shopping destination or another so it will have been worth it.

I wore this outfit for dinner on Saturday night after receiving a package from the wonderful Club Couture collection. I had no idea when I chose this T that it came up so short at the front but I was so happy when I tried it on as I’m loving this mid-drift baring trend going down at the moment yet I’m not quite ready to go the whole hog (and it sure as hell ain’t the weather for it) so it was the perfect compromise, not to mention the colour is gorgeous!!

I also received my first birthday present just before the weekend (5 days to go) from the absolutely fabulous Kate from Wavy Jewellery. She sent me a package FULL of beautiful rings and bracelets from the website which will be providing my limbs with some much needed swag over the next few months.
Kate included one of her epic “burn book” business cards with the most beautiful birthday wish to me that I now keep it in my purse as a constant reminder of the people that keep me doing what I’m doing!
Kate…Thank you 🙂

Will try to get another load of outfit posts done this week, however I’m hoping to shut myself in my room until Saturday so I apologise if there aren’t that many!


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