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6th August 2012 Outfits


Dress – C/O LOVE    Bracelet – C/O KUKEE    Bag – Select    Necklace & Shoes – Ebay    Ring – H&M Sunglasses – Stolen off my boyfriend
I’ve pretty much collaborated with LOVE since day one of my little bloggeroo, and to date they have yet to disappoint with a single drop of clothing to their website. 
The cold fabric of this dress teamed with their infamous wrap dress design is a complete winner in my eyes, a dress that can go from day to night with the change of a pair of shoes…easy dressing always gets the Lydia seal of approval!
I’ve had such a lovely weekend celebrating the Bro-tings birthday and spending it with the boyfriend, I’m not quite sure what he’s done to me but once upon a time I was an “Ibiza working, stay out till 10 in the morning, stumble home not remembering my own name” kinda girl, now a days I’m a “bed by 10 on week days and you’re lucky if I make it to middnight on weekends” kinda girl, What the H’actual fudge?!
To be honest I was quite happy to not have had that much of a late one as we got up, ran some errands and then he took me to the most beautiful little pub down the lanes near where we live, ate like pigs (me more than him I’d have to admitt) and went home to watch a film. 
Sound boring? Well I haven’t had that much fun in a long time 

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