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24th December 2011 Outfits


Hat – Primark
Jumper – Primark
Skirt – H&M Kids
Necklace – Miss Selfridge
Shoes – Office Via eBay
Bag – Romwe
Leather Jacket – Topshop Boutique 
Gilet (again I know) – Klassy klobber
Ok I’m posting at 1am…god help me!
I worked the late shift at work today thinking I would have enough time to sort the sale of my handbags on ebay, wrap presents, pack to go home (again) and blog….didn’t happen that way. I got home to find our front door had been “fixed”….if you consider someone putting the lock on backwards fixing it then yeah, but I ended up spending 20mins outside in the rain trying to turn the key the wrong way. This was not amusing!
But on a brighter note, this is the outfit I shopping with my mum back home in the Shire. To be fair I am hanging out of my a*** in this photo but I couldn’t miss the opportunity, this jumper is just too damn cute.
And I know I’m busting the gilet again but I love it, its so easy to wear and I cannot tell you how many messages I get from people wanting it, I wish I could help but I got it from a vintage store and there isn’t a label, Sorry guys!!
I just finished wrapping Christmas presents, I helped my dad choose my brothers girlfriend’s and now I’m depressed that I don’t own what she got, I will tell all, and may even ask her to borrow it for a cheeky outfit post.
Are you all set for Christmas or have you left everything to the last minute like me?
Also what are we thinking of my new looking pictures? I kinda hope you say you prefer the old ones because I feel terrible dragging my house mate and family out in the cold to watch me pout and pose, the poor things, I really don’t deserve them.

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